Your question: What happens after tibia fibula surgery?

What happens after tibia and fibula surgery?

Symptoms after ORIF of tibia and fibula

Elbow crutches will be provided in the initial stages of your recovery you will be unable to weight bear however progression to partial and full weight bearing is encouraged as soon as possible. The bones in the lower leg can take between 8 and 12 weeks to heal.

How long does it take to walk after a broken tibia and fibula?

Recovery from a tibia-fibula fracture typically takes about three to six months. Your child may be able to heal faster by resting and not putting too much weight on their leg until the bone has healed.

How long after fibula surgery can I walk?

You have sustained a fracture to your outside ankle bone (fibula). This takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to heal, although pain and swelling can continue for three to six months. You can walk on the foot as comfort allows although you may find it easier to walk with crutches in the early stages.

What happens after fibula surgery?

For a while after your surgery, you may need to keep your leg immobile. This usually means wearing a brace, perhaps for several weeks. You may need to protect your leg from water. You’ll receive instructions about how you can move your leg and whether you can put weight on it.

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What happens at 6 weeks after ankle surgery?

2-6 weeks: Non weight bearing with crutches/scooter and CAM Boot . Boot for sleeping. May be permitted to commence gradual, progressive weight bearing in boot. 6 week review – Progressive weight bearing initially in boot then wean as comfortable, then strengthening, reintroduction of exercises.

How long does pain last after tibia surgery?

Your broken bone (fracture) was put into position and stabilized. You can expect some pain and swelling around the cut (incision) the doctor made. This should get better within a few days after your surgery. But it is normal to have some pain for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery and mild pain for up to 6 weeks after surgery.

How long after breaking tibia Can you walk?

Most people with tibial shaft fractures do very well and return to prior activities and function. By six weeks, patients are extremely comfortable and usually are released to full activities such as manual labor, skiing and motocross by four months.

How do you strengthen your legs after a broken tibia?

Exercises might include aggressive gait training (progressively putting more weight on the injured leg) and lower body strengthing exercises like squats, calve raises, bridges, and leg raises.

When should I start weight bearing after tibia fracture?

Conclusions: This study shows immediate post-operative full weight bearing does not affect the fixation or cause articular collapse up to three months after surgery and thus we propose that patients should be allowed to weight bear immediately after surgical stabilisation of tibial plateau fractures.