Your question: How painful is pinhole gum surgery?

How long does it take to recover from pinhole gum surgery?

Recovery after pinhole gum surgery will typically only take one day. With no incisions made during this gum recession treatment method, the holes in your gums heal reasonably quickly. Patients express feeling minimal-to-no discomfort following the procedure.

Is pinhole gum surgery worth it?

Since the blood supply is not cut during the procedure, patients heal at a much faster rate than grafting or coronal flap surgeries. Mean level of patient esthetic satisfaction is 95.1% which makes this a procedure worth recommending. Class I or II root defects result in 100% root coverage 81.2% of the time.

Does pinhole gum surgery last?

The Pinhole Technique is a permanent gum line correction. Although aging, genetics and over-brushing of the gum line are known to be factors in a receding gum line.

When can I eat after pinhole surgery?

DO NOT EAT crunchy or sticky food (like bread, nuts, chips, popcorn, granola, raw vegetables, fruits with small seeds) that can get stuck on or in between your teeth (this is for one month after treatment!). Do not suck on foods/straws for 48 hours, and no forceful spitting for 48 hours.

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How much does Chao pinhole cost?

The cost of your procedure depends on the amount of gum recession you have and the number of teeth that need to be treated. The average cost is $3000 per quadrant.

What can I eat after pinhole gum surgery?

Eggs, custard, yogurt, pasta, steamed vegetables, casseroles, cooked cereals are some things that you might consider eating during the first few days following your surgery. Avoid use of straws for at least one week. Avoid spicy, salty, acidic, crunchy, sticky or very hot foods or liquids.

Who is a candidate for pinhole gum surgery?

You may be a good candidate for the Pinhole Surgical Technique if: You are bothered by the appearance of receding gums. You have significant tooth sensitivity due to gum recession. You do not have periodontal disease (gum disease)

Who is a good candidate for pinhole gum surgery?

If you have receding, sensitive, or bleeding gums; you are likely a good candidate for pinhole surgery. You must also be free of periodontal disease and inflamed gums, and commit to adopting new hygiene habits to prevent future gum recession.

How does the pinhole technique work?

This device peels and stretches the gum into a healthier and more suitable position on the tooth (in layman’s terms, the gums are brought downward). Once the gum tissue is in the desired position, a dentist inserts collagen strips into the pinhole in the gums.

Does pinhole surgery really work?

The success rate of pinhole surgery is comparable to that of gum grafting and studies also show that patients have a very high satisfaction rate after the procedure—over 95 percent in a 2012 study by Dr. John Chao, the inventor of the pinhole technique.

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Is gum grafting painful?

Gum grafting main county can be a totally PAINLESS experience during the procedure due to local anesthetics. Although there may be some discomfort associated with having a gum graft AFTER the procedure, your periodontist will do everything they can to make your experience as painless as possible.