Your question: How long is physical therapy after ACL and meniscus surgery?

How long after ACL and meniscus surgery do you start physical therapy?

Rest and elevate your leg (above the level of your heart if possible) for the first 24 hours by placing a pillow under your calf and/or ankle. Do NOT place a pillow under your knee as it will keep you from straightening your knee. POSSIBLE. Start physical therapy (PT) within the first week after surgery.

How long is physical therapy after meniscus surgery?

For the best results, both home and in-person physical therapy exercises should be done. We recommend exercising at least 3 times per week after surgery. Rehab usually lasts 4 to 8 weeks. After this time, your therapist and surgeon may clear you to perform gym-based exercises.

How long does it take to walk normally after ACL and meniscus surgery?

As this healing occurs, patients progress towards bearing weight, increasing their range of motion, and leaving the knee brace behind. How quickly this progress occurs varies by surgeon, but a typical range is 4-8 weeks. Patients are usually out of the brace and walking without crutches around 2-3 months.

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How often should I do physical therapy after ACL surgery?

2 weeks after surgery. 4 weeks after surgery. About every 1–3 months after that, depending on how you’re doing.

What is the fastest way to recover from ACL and meniscus surgery?

Tips for Recovering from ACL Surgery

  1. Work with your doctor on specific recovery goals. …
  2. Take your pain meds so you can focus on physical therapy. …
  3. Wear a brace or use crutches if your knee feels unstable. …
  4. Start out slowly and you’ll gain momentum in time. …
  5. Take care of your incision.

Can a meniscus tear heal with physical therapy?

Physical therapy should be the first choice when managing the pain and functional limitation that may come with a knee meniscus tear. Your therapist can help you regain normal motion and strength and help you return to your previous level of activity.

When can I bend knee after meniscus surgery?

Meniscus (cartilage) Repair patients cannot do twisting, pivoting, squatting, deep knee bends or impact activities for four months. It is vital that meniscus repair patients do not squat for at least four months after the repair.

How long does it take for a meniscus repair to heal?

Though the surgery to repair a meniscus tear alone is not terribly long, the recovery time can last anywhere from three weeks to six months for a full return to activity.

When do you start physical therapy after ACL surgery?

About two weeks after surgery, you will be able to start putting some weight on your knee. Your doctor will probably fit you for a knee brace to wear for a few weeks. You will also begin physical therapy between two and four weeks after surgery.

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Can you overdo it after ACL surgery?

Don’t overdo it

Once you are feeling a little bit better, it may be tempting to immediately return to your old routine. Take it slow, ask for help if you need it, and clear any physical activity with your doctor before participating.

What can you not do after ACL and meniscus surgery?

The Do’s and Don’ts After ACL Surgery

  • Do: Keep your knee straight! …
  • Don’t: Put weight on your new knee. …
  • Do: Wear your knee brace! …
  • Don’t: Walk, swim, cycle, bend and extend your knee, etc. …
  • Do: Physical therapy. …
  • Do: Go to your scheduled follow-ups with your knee surgeon.