You asked: What kind of surgeon does breast cancer surgery?

What type of doctor does breast cancer surgery?

Surgical oncologist.

A doctor who specializes in the surgical treatment of cancer. Surgical oncologists do biopsies and other procedures such as removing a lump or a breast. These doctors have completed general surgery training and have received additional training in surgical oncology.

What type of surgeon performs breast surgery?

Typically, a breast surgeon is a board-certified general surgeon—an MD or DO who has completed surgical residency training and passed an American Board of Surgery (ABS) certification exam that validates the doctor’s specialized knowledge and skills in general surgery.

Can a general surgeon treat breast cancer?

General surgeons:

Diagnose, treat, and provide pre- and postoperative care for a variety of conditions (including cancer) that affect the head and neck, digestive tract, breast, abdomen, skin, soft tissues, and endocrine and vascular systems.

What type of doctor does cancer surgery?

It is the oldest kind of cancer treatment, and it still works well to treat many types of cancer today. A doctor who specializes in cancer surgery is called a “surgical oncologist.” You might have surgery to remove a tumor, help your body work the way it used to, or relieve side effects.

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Can a general surgeon do breast surgery?

Thus, breast surgeons are certified in general surgery, a specialty that comprises a wide range of operations, including removing appendixes and fixing hernias. General surgeons typically begin practicing after completing 5 years of general surgery residency, which includes breast surgeries.

Is a breast surgeon an oncologist?

A surgical oncologist (a.k.a. a breast surgeon) is trained to treat cancer by removing tumors and other cancerous tissues. They can also perform breast biopsies to confirm the diagnosis or stage the disease. A surgical oncologist may be one of several healthcare providers you will turn to when faced with breast cancer.

What type of doctor treats breast pain?

It’s important to see your healthcare provider, either your primary care physician or your gynecologist, for any new breast or nipple pain. While most cases of breast pain are mild and easily managed, you do not want to delay a diagnosis of breast cancer or a serious non-breast related cause like a heart condition.

What is the most common surgery for breast cancer?

The most common form of treatment for breast cancer is surgery. This involves removing the tumor and nearby margins. Surgical options may include a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, radical mastectomy, and reconstruction.

Is a surgical oncologist a surgeon?

Surgical oncologists are general surgeons with specialty training in procedures for diagnosing, staging (determining the stage of cancer), or removing cancerous growths. The most common procedures performed by surgical oncologists are biopsies and surgery for cancerous growth removal.

Who is the best breast cancer doctor?

Recognized Oncologists

  • George Sledge Jr, MD, Stanford University Medical Center, California.
  • George Somlo, MD, City of Hope, Duarte, -California.
  • Vered Stearns, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore.
  • Tiffany Traina, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.
  • Eric Winer, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston ■
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