You asked: What is a 6 year integrated cardiothoracic surgery residency?

What is a integrated cardiothoracic surgery residency?

Training Tracks

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Integrated Residency is designed to provide residents with focused, hands on experience and is divided equally between Cardiac and Thoracic surgery.

What is an integrated surgery residency?

The integrated residency program, which is accredited by ACGME, is open to medical school graduates interested in specializing in plastic surgery. … Clinical time during the intern year is divided between general surgery, plastic surgery, and plastic surgery-related rotations.

How competitive is integrated cardiothoracic surgery?

Integrated cardiothoracic residency continues to be most challenging specialty to match. … Despite growth of 280 percent in PGY-1 positions over the ten-year period, CT I-6 continued to be the most difficult to match among all competitive surgical subspecialties, with the lowest match rates among total applicants.

What is an i6 residency?

This program is designed to train future leaders in academic cardiothoracic surgery. … We offer the structure and supportive environment that foster comprehensive, personalized training for clinical and technical expertise, academic excellence, and leadership.

How much do cardiothoracic surgeon residents make?

The highest salary for a Cardiothoracic Surgery Resident in United States is $89,985 per year. The lowest salary for a Cardiothoracic Surgery Resident in United States is $58,192 per year.

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What is Thoracic Surgery integrated?

The Thoracic Surgery Integrated 6-Year Residency program is designed to provide aspiring medical school graduates with the education and skills training necessary to become competent professional thoracic surgeons.

Is cardiothoracic residency competitive?

For the past 93 years, cardiothoracic surgeons have been trained in fellowships following five years of General Surgery residency. … Like its other integrated surgical training programs such as Plastic Surgery and Vascular Surgery, it was and remains highly competitive.

Is thoracic surgery residency competitive?

Thoracic surgery

The specialty had 36 total matches (U.S. seniors, IMGs and others) for 36 positions, making it one of eight specialties with at least 10 positions in the Match and 100 percent fill rates.

How long is cardiothoracic fellowship?

The division of cardiothoracic surgery offers a three-year training program following completion of a surgical residency. The first year as a junior cardiac surgery fellow is evenly divided between red and blue cardiac surgery services.