When is thumb surgery needed?

When is thumb surgery necessary?

If you don’t respond to other treatments or if you’re barely able to bend and twist your thumb, your doctor might recommend surgery. Options include: Joint fusion (arthrodesis). The bones in the affected joint are permanently fused.

Do Broken Thumbs require surgery?

Treatment for a Broken Thumb

If you suspect a broken thumb, do not attempt to treat it exclusively at home. Some types of fractures may require surgery — especially if the injury was at the base of the thumb. In more severe injuries, it may be necessary to install screws to stabilize the thumb.

How successful is surgery for thumb arthritis?

Pros: Removing the entire trapezium eliminates the possibility of arthritis returning and, according to Dr. Ruch, LRTI has a 96 percent success rate. “Most patients achieve complete pain relief and mobility equal to that of a healthy thumb, with results lasting at least 15 to 20 years,” he says.

What does Basal thumb arthritis look like?

Appearance. The thumb may appear swollen, especially at its base, and you may develop a bony bump. Overall, the base of the thumb can take on an enlarged appearance. One alarming sign of thumb arthritis is improper alignment of the joint as it shifts from its normal positioning.

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How long is recovery from thumb surgery?

Patients often need three months to fully recover. MU Health Care performs a new version of the surgery that does not require using a tendon or artificial spacer.

What is the pain at the base of my thumb?

Pain at the base of your thumb

This pain could be a symptom of thumb injury or overuse, basal joint arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, pain at the base of your thumb can be caused by injuries to the ligaments at the lower part of your hand and in your wrist.

How long does a hairline fracture in thumb take to heal?

A complete recovery will typically take between 6 to 8 weeks, after which full mobility should be restored. In some cases, a doctor may recommend protective footwear, a splint, or the use of crutches to minimise strain placed on the fractured bone during movement.

Can thumb arthritis be cured?

While there is no cure for arthritis in your thumb, there are various simple treatments that can help relieve symptoms for many people. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about which treatments might work best for you. Thumb arthritis.

Is thumb arthritis a disability?

Many people may wonder is arthritis a disability. Yes. Arthritis can prompt incapacity, as can numerous other mental and physical conditions. If your arthritis confines your daily movements, or activities you may qualify for disability benefits.