When can I lift weights after hip arthroscopy?

How long after hip arthroscopy can I lift weights?

Avoid deep squatting or heavy lifting up to six weeks after surgery. Avoid sleeping on the operated hip. Sleeping on your back or unaffected leg (with a pillow between the legs) will be more comfortable. DO NOT move hip in direction that causes pain, irritation or “pinching” in the hip.

When can I start working out after hip arthroscopy?

While most surgeons allow return to sports between 12 and 20 weeks following hip arthroscopy, the exact return to sport guidelines vary depending on the procedure performed as well as the patient-specific sport. Rehabilitation protocols further vary in phases based on phase endpoint.

How long does it take to heal from hip arthroscopy?

You will probably need about 6 weeks to recover. If your doctor repaired damaged tissue, recovery will take longer. You may have to limit your activity until your hip strength and movement are back to normal. You may also be in a physical rehabilitation (rehab) program.

Can I lift weights with a torn hip labrum?

You should try to cut back on or avoid activities that put stress on your hips, like running, jumping, and strenuous weight lifting. Cross-training exercise programs often are prescribed when you have a labral tear.

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How long after hip arthroscopy can I play golf?

Generally, complete recovery after hip arthroscopy is about six months. It can be longer or shorter depending on the injury and patient. I recently treated former Illinois 2008 PGA champion and pro golfer Joe Emerich who is playing golf again.

How long does the pain last after hip arthroscopy?

In most cases, you should be able to walk relatively free of pain about six to eight weeks following surgery. However, it could take three to six months or more to get back to an elite level of fitness. You can treat any unexpected increase in pain with ice and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Can I re tear my hip labrum after surgery?

Once the labrum has been repaired and all bony impingement has been corrected there is a very small chance that the labrum will re-tear. However, if the labrum is repaired without removing the bony impingement there is a high likelihood that the labrum will tear again.

Can I sleep on my side after hip arthroscopy?

You can sleep on either side but it may be more comfortable to sleep on your back or on the non-operated side. If you are sleeping on your side then it may be comfortable to put a pillow in between your knees. As with any surgery, you should expect some degree of pain.

Can I bend after hip arthroscopy?

Your surgeon recommends avoiding active hip flexion (lifting your leg up at the hip) until 2-3 weeks after your surgery. This precaution is to prevent excessive hip flexor tendonitis after your surgery.

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