What should I wear home from hospital after knee surgery?

What should I wear home after knee replacement surgery?

loose-fitting tops and bottoms (shorts with an elastic waistband, generous sweat pants). You will get dressed each morning in your own clothes.

What should I wear after leg surgery?

On the day of surgery, patients should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Patients will have a bulky dressing and/or plaster splint on their operated leg, ankle, and/or foot after surgery, so their clothes must fit around their dressing and/or splint.

How long should you stay in bed after knee surgery?

You will heal between 3-6 weeks and after you have recovered, you can begin sleeping normally again. However, if the position you are used to sleeping in causes pain, avoid it for a few more days until you are completely healed.

How do you shower after knee surgery?

You may go home with a waterproof dressing covering your incision. You can shower with this dressing on if the edges are not peeling back. If you do not have a waterproof dressing and you still have sutures, staples or stitches, you can cover your incision with plastic to keep it dry while taking a shower.

How long does it take to bend your knee after surgery?

Within 7 to 10 days after your knee replacement, you should be able to get your knee entirely straight/full extension (Fig. 1) (no space between the back of your knee and the table) and you should be able to bend/flex your knee to at least 90 degrees (Fig. 2). 90 degrees is the same thing as a right angle.

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Can you wear clothes under a hospital gown?

What Do You Wear Under a Hospital Gown? In most cases, you only wear your underwear underneath your gown when you have a surgical procedure. When you arrive at the hospital or outpatient facility, your nurse will tell you what clothes you can keep on under your gown, depending on your surgical site.

What do you need after knee surgery?

Other items that may help:

  • A shower sponge with a long handle.
  • A shoehorn with a long handle.
  • A cane, crutches, or a walker.
  • A reacher to help you pick up things from the floor, put on your pants, and take off your socks.
  • A sock aid to help you put on your socks.
  • Handle bars in the bathroom to allow you to steady yourself.

What do you wear for a knee arthroscopy?

You should come prepared with loose, comfortable pants or shorts to change into after the operation. You may also be in a knee brace after your surgery. Loose pants or shorts will make getting dressed easier as it may be difficult to bend your knee immediately after the operation.