What is needed after hip surgery?

Do I need a raised toilet seat after hip surgery?

After hip surgery, if your toilet seat is lower than knee level, you will need a raised toilet seat. You will also need arms to help you sit down and get up more easily. Patients after knee surgery may also benefit as using the toilet is often difficult when they initially return home.

How do I prepare my home for a hip replacement?

6 Steps to Prepare for Returning Home after Hip Replacement…

  1. Line up a caregiver before your surgery. …
  2. Use dressing aids and accessorize your walker. …
  3. Clear all walkways. …
  4. Arrange for a pet- and child-free home. …
  5. Streamline your kitchen. …
  6. Prepare the bathroom.

How long do you need help after hip surgery?

It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to start feeling stronger and to be able to get around with less pain. You’ll still need to continue with physical therapy by going to regular appointments. Walking at this point is especially important for your recovery. You’ll want to walk regularly and avoid sitting for too long.

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What can you never do after hip replacement?

Some common things to avoid after hip replacement surgery include:

  • Don’t resist getting up and moving around. …
  • Don’t bend at the waist more than 90 degrees. …
  • Don’t lift your knees up past your hips. …
  • Don’t cross your legs. …
  • Don’t twist or pivot at the hip. …
  • Don’t rotate your feet too far inward or outward.

Is it OK to sit in a recliner after hip replacement surgery?

Try to sit in a straight back chair (avoid low sofas, recliners, or zero-gravity chairs) for the first 6 weeks. Do NOT sleep in a recliner. Your hip will get stiff in a flexed position and be harder to straighten out. Do not extend your hip or leg backwards for 6 weeks.

How do you shower after hip surgery?


  1. To make sure the surgical sites stay dry, cover the dressing with “Glad Press and Seal.” Note: Your post-surgical dressing is water proof.
  2. Transfer into the shower leading with the non-surgical leg and transfer out of the shower leading with the surgical leg (“up with the good, down with the bad”).

How long does it take to walk normally after hip surgery?

Most hip replacement patients are able to walk within the same day or next day of surgery; most can resume normal routine activities within the first 3 to 6 weeks of their total hip replacement recovery. Once light activity becomes possible, it’s important to incorporate healthy exercise into your recovery program.

Do you need a hospital bed after hip replacement surgery?

You may not need a hospital bed, but your mattress should be firm. Have a bathroom or a portable commode on the same floor where you will spend most of your day. Stock up on canned or frozen food, toilet paper, shampoo, and other personal items.

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Do you need a special chair after hip replacement?

If you are a senior recovering from hip surgery, you need a chair that is comfortable and stable. The Everyday Hip Chair is exactly as it sounds, perfect for daily use. The padded armrests on each side provide a durable hold while you get in and out of the chair.

How high should my bed be after hip replacement?

Make sure your bed is high enough to keep your hips above your knee when you sit on the edge.