What do you soak surgical instruments in?


How do you disinfect surgical instruments?

The proper cleaning of surgical instruments starts in the O.R. by placing the contaminated instruments into sterile water or an approved enzymatic detergent. Alternatively, the instruments may be sprayed with enzymatic instrument foam to keep the instruments moist and to start the cleaning process.

Which solution is used for instrument cleaning?

For instrument cleaning, a neutral or near-neutral pH detergent solution commonly is used because such solutions generally provide the best material compatibility profile and good soil removal. Enzymes, usually proteases, sometimes are added to neutral pH solutions to assist in removing organic material.

What is enzymatic detergent?

Enzymatic cleaners used in the Endoscopy and Sterile Processing Departments may be better known as enzymatic detergents, because they contain surfactants designed to lift soils from devices.

What is surgical soak?

Surgical soak is the submerging or directly immersing a body part or wound in a therapeutic solution using sterile technique. Surgical Soak is the local bath of the part of the body such as arm or foot. When there is an open wound moist heat is applied by soaking or immersing the part in sterile warm solution.

How do you clean surgical instruments at home?

Remove inorganic and organic debris from the instruments with a soft plastic scrub brush and medically approved detergent. Scrub each instrument well to remove all residual matter, such as blood or organic tissue. If the instrument is hinged or opens, make sure you clean hinges along with inside and outside surfaces.

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What is cidex solution?

DESCRIPTION: CIDEX® OPA Solution is a High Level Disinfectant (HLD) for use in re-processing heat sensitive medical devices. CIDEX OPA Solution is the first new HLD available in the last thirty years with the broad materials compatibility of glutaraldehyde.

What is enzymatic cleaner for surgical instruments?

Enzymatic cleaners help prepare instruments and endoscopes for cleaning and sterilization or high-level disinfection by removing bodily fluids and tissue. They can be used as presoaks, during manual cleaning or in the first stage of automatic cleaning (as in ultrasonic washers or automated endoscope reprocessors).

How do you clean orthopedic instruments?

During rinsing, a soft bristle brush and a pipe cleaner were used to thoroughly scrub the devices to ensure removal of gross contamination. Next, each device was immersed in lukewarm tap water containing 1 oz/gal of an enzymatic detergent such as Enzol and allowed to soak for a minimum of one minute.