What complications can come from Tommy John surgery?

Is Tommy John a major surgery?

It is named after the first baseball player to undergo the surgery, major league pitcher Tommy John, whose record of 288 career victories ranks seventh among left-handed pitchers.

Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction
Other names UCL reconstruction, Tommy John surgery (TJS)
ICD-9-CM 81.85

How do you know if your UCL is damaged?

What are the symptoms of a UCL injury?

  1. A sudden “pop” or pain along the inside of the elbow, leading to the inability to continue throwing.
  2. Pain on the inside of the elbow after a period of heavy throwing or other overhead activity.
  3. Pain when accelerating the arm forward, just prior to releasing a ball.

What should I expect after UCL surgery?

After the surgery, patients should wear a splint for at least 7 to 10 days to keep the elbow immobilized and do gentle range-of-motion exercises to strengthen the wrist, hand and shoulder. After that time, patients should wear an elbow range-of-motion brace designed to allow motion and protect the UCL graft.

What is Tommy John disease?

Tommy John surgery is another term for ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction. It’s a procedure to treat an elbow injury that tends to occur among throwing athletes, such as baseball pitchers. Tommy John was a long-time Major League Baseball pitcher, and he was the first to have this now-common surgery.

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Can a torn UCL heal itself?

Minor ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury can heal itself with nonsurgical treatments. However, if you want to perform any strenuous overhead or throwing activity or if the ligament has an advanced grade tear, then your doctor may recommend surgical repair for the torn UCL.

How long is Tommy John recovery?

Rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery usually takes about a year. In some cases, up to 2 years are needed for athletes to return to their previous level of ability. Other types of UCL surgery may not need this much rehabilitation.

How does a UCL tear happen?

A UCL tear occurs with overuse and wear and tear on the ligaments in the elbow and is most commonly associated with baseball pitchers and other athletes who perform frequent overarm movement. UCL injuries can range from complete tears to less severe damage such as inflammation.

Can you still pitch after Tommy John surgery?

After surgery, a pitcher’s workload typically decreased without a change in their performance per inning. Hence, pitchers do not perform worse after UCL reconstruction, but they do pitch less after surgery.

Where does Tommy elbow hurt?

A Tommy John injury is an injury to the ligament on the medial (inside) part of the elbow. It most commonly occurs in overhead throwing athletes such as baseball pitchers and quarterbacks but can also occur in other sports such as gymnastics, javelin throwing, tennis, volleyball, and softball.