What are the side effects of liver surgery?

How long can you live after liver surgery?

Liver transplant can have excellent outcomes. Recipients have been known to live a normal life over 30 years after the operation.

How safe is liver surgery?

Liver surgery is safe when performed by experienced surgeons with appropriate technological and institutional support.

Is liver surgery high risk?

Liver surgery is a major operation with significant risks. You will typically be in hospital for 4-6 days.

How long does it take for your liver to regenerate after surgery?

The liver also has the ability to grow back. Within 3 months of your operation, the remainder of your liver will have grown back to near normal size.

How long is hospital stay after liver resection?

The average hospital stay after a major hepatectomy is five to six days. For a small liver resection, you can expect to remain at the hospital for three to four days.

What happens when part of your liver is removed?

When a portion of a normal liver is removed, the remaining liver can grow back (regenerate) to the original size within several weeks. A cirrhotic liver, however, cannot grow back.

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What organ can be seen after the liver is removed?

With the liver removed, you can observe and access some of the other organs more easily. You can now see the diaphragm, which is a sheet-like muscle that separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity. The diaphragm serves a critical role in breathing.

How long does a liver operation take?

The length of your surgery will depend on how many tumors need to be treated. Most surgeries take between 2 and 4 hours, but some may take longer. Your doctor or nurse will tell you what to expect.

Can liver grow back after surgery?

The liver is the only organ in the body that can replace lost or injured tissue (regenerate). The donor’s liver will soon grow back to normal size after surgery. The part that you receive as a new liver will also grow to normal size in a few weeks.

Can a person live with half a liver?

The liver performs essential, life-sustaining functions. While you can’t live without a liver completely, you can live with only part of one. Many people can function well with just under half of their liver. Your liver can also grow back to full size within a matter of months.

Can your liver grow back if part is removed?

The liver is the only solid internal organ capable of full regeneration. This means the remaining portion of your liver will grow back after surgery. As little as 30 percent of your liver can regrow to its original volume.