Should I become a cardiothoracic surgeon?

How hard is it to be a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Cardiothoracic surgery is not for the faint-of-heart. Long years of training, working, studying, and practical surgical experience require intense focus. A residency as well as years practicing as a cardiothoracic surgeon are required. That’s how you become the best surgeon you can be in this delicate specialty.

Are cardiothoracic surgeons in demand?

Cardiothoracic surgery demand will only continue to surge, and physicians in this specialty have the unique opportunity to choose when and where they work. … Because of their unique skills and knowledge, cardiothoracic surgeons are in demand throughout the country.

Are cardiothoracic surgeons rich?

Cardiothoracic surgeons have always held a title that earned them respect from their medical peers. They also earn a high income. However, technological advances have made way for new procedures involved in heart surgery.

What major should I choose to be a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Those who want to become a cardiothoracic surgeon will need to get a bachelor’s degree in a science, such as biology or chemistry. After passing the MCAT exam, four years of medical school need to be completed, followed by a five to seven year general surgery residency.

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Is cardiac surgery a dying field?

Cardiac surgery has been described as a dying specialty with the astronomical growth of the field becoming overshadowed by its impending decline. The increasing use of less invasive methods is shifting the landscape away from open surgery toward the interventional techniques already dominated by other specialties.

Which surgeon earns the most?

Highest paying medical specialties in 2019

Rank Specialty Average compensation
1 Neurosurgery $616,823
2 Thoracic surgery $584,287
3 Orthopedic surgery $526,385
4 Radiation oncology $486,089

Is general surgery a dying field?

They usually have enough business to deal with (especially if it is late at night and they don’t want to come in). So, in summary, general surgery is not a dying field by any means of the imagination.

What are the benefits of being a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Cardiothoracic surgeons earn very high salaries and generous benefit packages. With an average salary of $225,390 per year, they can earn anywhere between $97,299 and $528,575 annually. Benefit packages include health insurance, dental benefits and paid vacations.

Do cardiothoracic surgeons make millions?

An internal medicine doctor generates $2.7 million in average revenues—10 times his salary—for the hospital with which he is affiliated, while an average cardiovascular surgeon generates $3.7 million in hospital revenues, nearly nine times her salary, according to a survey released this year by Merritt Hawkins, a …

Who earns more cardiac surgeon or neurosurgeon?

Under the retainer model, a senior cardiac surgeon with 10-15 years of experience would get a salary of Rs 5-6 lakh a month, while a neurosurgeon would get Rs 5 lakh, all for a pre-determined period of time. … This pushes the surgeon to wield his scalpel with even greater vigour.

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How long does it take to be a heart surgeon?

Education Requirements

The educational process to become a cardiac surgeon is one of the longest in the medical field. Cardiac surgeons must complete four years of college, four years of medical school, a 5-year general surgery residency and a 2-3 year specialized cardio or cardiothoracic fellowship.