Quick Answer: How does SuperPath hip replacement work?

Is SuperPATH hip replacement safe?

100% of patients were extremely satisfied with the operation. Conclusion: We conclude that SuperPATH is a safe technique of hip arthroplasty with excellent functional recovery and patient satisfaction.

How long is recovery from SuperPATH hip replacement?

Most patients are back to most normal activities by 4 weeks after surgery.

Who is a candidate for SuperPATH hip replacement?

A: Pretty much anyone who is a candidate for standard hip replacement would be a candidate for a SuperPATH procedure. I have converted many patients from a hip fracture fixation to a total hip replacement with SuperPATH.

What is a SuperPATH?

SuperPath, or Supercapsular Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip, is a special technique to perform total hip replacements that causes minimal disruption to the hip capsule and surrounding soft tissues.

Is SuperPATH hip replacement anterior approach?

This study involves comparing the outcomes after using the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) and the Supercapsular Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip (SuperPATH) approach. These are two approaches to hip replacement that both replace hips without cutting any muscles.

What can you never do after hip replacement?

Some common things to avoid after hip replacement surgery include:

  • Don’t resist getting up and moving around. …
  • Don’t bend at the waist more than 90 degrees. …
  • Don’t lift your knees up past your hips. …
  • Don’t cross your legs. …
  • Don’t twist or pivot at the hip. …
  • Don’t rotate your feet too far inward or outward.
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What is the best hip replacement to have?

The posterior approach to total hip replacement is the most commonly used method and allows the surgeon excellent visibility of the joint, more precise placement of implants and is minimally invasive.

How many days after hip replacement can you walk?

Most hip replacement patients are able to walk within the same day or next day of surgery; most can resume normal routine activities within the first 3 to 6 weeks of their total hip replacement recovery.

What is the newest procedure for hip replacement?

The latest advanced technology, a percutaneously-assisted “SUPERPATH™” approach, involves sparing the surrounding muscles and tendons when performing total hip replacement surgery. This technique builds a traditional hip implant in-place without cutting any muscles or tendons.

What brand of hip replacement is being recalled?

Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Hip Recall

The recall came after Stryker received post-market data that revealed the metal modular necks and stems of these two devices were prone to corrosion and fretting that could release excessive metal debris into body, damaging surrounding bone and tissue.

Does bone grow around hip replacement?

Because it takes a long time for the natural bone to grow and attach to the prosthesis, people with uncemented replacements must limit activities for up to 3 months to protect the hip joint. The process of natural bone growth also can cause thigh pain for several months after the surgery.