Quick Answer: Can I see after macular hole surgery?

How long is vision blurry after macular hole surgery?

You might have some pain in your eye and your vision may be blurry for a few days after the surgery. You will need 2 to 4 weeks to recover before you can do your normal activities again. It may take longer for your vision to get back to normal.

What can you not do after macular hole surgery?

While you have any gas remaining in your eye after your surgical macular hole treatment, you must not fly or travel to high altitude destinations, as this will expand the bubble in your eye. When the bubble expands, this can increase your eye pressure, causing pain and other negative effects.

Can you see during a vitrectomy?

The patients were questioned about their visual sensations during and within 3 hours after vitrectomy (Table 2 [available at http://aaojournal.org]). Fifty-four (96.4%) of the patients reported seeing lights, 46 (82.1%) reported seeing ≥1 colors, and 37 (66.1%) reported seeing movements or moving objects.

Can you watch TV after vitrectomy?

Watching TV and reading will cause no harm. Your vision will remain blurred / poor for several weeks. Often the vision is distorted after surgery. This will vary depending on the type of operation, e.g. if a gas bubble is inserted into the eye, as the bubble shrinks you might see the edge of the bubble.

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How long does it take for vision to clear after vitrectomy?

How long does it take to clear vision after vitrectomy? It may take around two-four weeks or even more to get a clear vision after the vitrectomy procedure.

What is vision like after macular hole surgery?

Even if surgery does not close the hole, your vision will usually at least become stable, and you may find you have less vision distortion. In a minority of patients, the hole does not close despite surgery, and the central vision can continue to deteriorate.

Can you see the gas bubble in your eye?

When the gas bubble is down to half size, you will see a horizontal line across your vision, bobbing up and down with head movement. This is where the gas meets the fluid which is gradually replacing it. It is just like a spirit level. You will have sight above this line, and blackness below it.

How long is recovery from macular hole surgery?

How long is the recovery from macular hole surgery? The total recovery time is several months. Patients will be asked to maintain face down positioning after surgery, from one to seven days, depending on a variety of patient-specific factors. Patients are on post-operative eye drops for a few weeks.

Can you drive with a macular hole?

Can I still drive when I have a macular hole? Many people with a macular hole are able to carry on driving because it usually only affects their vision in one eye. You’re required by law to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) if you have an eye condition which may affect your vision in both eyes.

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Does vitrectomy improve vision?

Although vitrectomy improves or stabilizes vision in most cases, vision may not be fully normal after the surgery. This is especially true if your condition caused permanent damage to your retina. Vitrectomy is generally a safe procedure.