Quick Answer: Can I play tennis after hip replacement?

What sports can you do after a hip replacement?

Almost all doctors agree that low impact sports are fine and should be encouraged after hip replacement. These are activities such as golf, swimming, bowling, pleasure horseback riding, stationery cycling, ballroom dancing, walking and low-impact aerobics.

What activities can you not do after a hip replacement?

Low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, golfing and bicycling are very beneficial to patients recovering from joint replacement surgery. Avoid activities that involve impact stress on the joint, such as jogging or jumping, and contact sports, such as football.

How long after hip replacement can you play sports?

Usually, it takes about 3 months before your doctor will allow you to return to sports. In addition to relieving pain, many people opt to have total joint replacement surgery to be able to return to sports. Some strenuous sports activities have the potential to damage artificial joints.

Can I play doubles tennis after hip replacement?

Playing doubles rather than singles is highly recommended as it gives you a smaller area of court to cover. This will be less demanding for you physically as well as less demanding on the replaced joint. It is best to build the stress through the new joint slowly as your tolerance grows.

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How soon can you play tennis after hip replacement?

Return to Full Activity

However, the bone needs to grow into the implant to stabilize it, and many surgeons recommend waiting at minimum 8 weeks before resuming golf or tennis after a hip replacement.

How long after hip replacement can you play tennis?

After surgery, Moucha typically advises patients to wait about three to six months before easing back into high-impact sports like singles tennis. Adam, who agreed to monitor himself carefully when he returned to singles tennis after just two months, was an exception.

Can you do lunges after hip replacement?

However, there are some exercises that you should avoid after a hip replacement. Most therapists and doctors recommend avoiding exercises that require you to: Bend your hip past 90 degrees (deep squats, lunges, knee-to-chest stretch)

How long does it take to fully recover from a hip replacement?

“On average, hip replacement recovery can take around two to four weeks, but everyone is different,” says Thakkar. It depends on a few factors, including how active you were before your surgery, your age, nutrition, preexisting conditions, and other health and lifestyle factors.

Can I ice skate with a hip replacement?

So, in general, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding are not recommended for joint replacement patients. In fact, the NIH specifically mentions skiing as a sport that you should not participate in after hip replacement surgery, along with football and soccer.