Quick Answer: Can I get eyelash extensions after LASIK?

Can I do eyelash extension after LASIK?

Can I wear eyelash extensions? We suggest you wait at least 1 month following surgery to avoid getting debris or glue in your eyes.

How soon after laser eye surgery can you get lash extensions?

PLEASE NOTE: Individual eyelash extensions can remain on during consultation. However, these have to be removed a week prior to the surgery and not to be re-applied until 8 weeks. False strip lashes are not permitted at any stage but these can be re-applied after 4 weeks.

How long after LASIK can I use eyelash serum?

Answer: We generally advise patients to wait at least a week after LASIK before they begin applying makeup or other eye products such as Latisse. Some patients feel more comfortable waiting a little longer and may wait as long as 2 weeks.

Can you get eyelash extensions before LASIK?

If you get eyelash extensions done on a regular basis, we may encourage you to have them removed before Lasik. Long, artificial eyelashes may get in the way of the surgery and make it harder for us to do our job. If you can’t have them removed, we may trim them down a little bit so they aren’t in the way.

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What if I get an eyelash in my eye after LASIK?

So, what SHOULD a LASIK patient do, if they get an eyelash or a dust particle in their eye during the first couple weeks after LASIK? It’s simple actually – flush the eye with artificial tears. That’ll get the intruder out with no rubbing. Our 20/20 team asks that you skip eye makeup for a few days after LASIK.

How do you get rid of crusty eyelashes after LASIK?

Why are my eyes still irritated and dry and my eyelashes have a lot of crusting? You may have a low grade infection of the eyelash margin. Use a warm wash cloth and gently scrub your lashes to clean them morning and night. Cleaning the lashes off will allow your tears to work better and you’ll see more clearly too.

Can you wear magnetic lashes after LASIK?

Can you wear these right after having Lasik done? Answer: Lasik requires you not to wear any eye makeup around your eyes while they are healing. This includes false eyelashes.

Can I wear mascara after LASIK?

On Make-up After Laser Eye Surgery

It may be advised to avoid wearing mascara for up to two weeks following the treatment. That includes any type of waterproof mascara as it can be more difficult to remove and can irritate your eyes.

Can you use Latisse if you have had LASIK eye surgery?

Besides offering LASIK, cataract surgery, and other procedures for vision improvement, we are pleased to be able to add Latisse to our many patient services. If you would like to have longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes, Latisse could be the answer for you.

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How long after LASIK can I use Latisse?

Please do not use Latisse in the days leading up to surgery and for at least one week after surgery.

Can you use Latisse with LASIK?

We are telling patients to discontinue Latisse a day prior to LASIK and not to resume it for at least a month to allow the flap to heal without the potential of trauma from the application, and to avoid any possible interference with healing.