Quick Answer: Are there Orthopedic Surgeons in Afghanistan?

DO orthopedic surgeons work in the military?

A sizable number of Mayo Clinic’s orthopedic surgeons are active duty veterans or reservists who have been deployed overseas.

Are there US doctors in Afghanistan?

Today, the U.S. Army has 4,200 physicians on active duty worldwide. There are 32 active U.S. military doctors serving the 25,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. There are 96 physicians, 18 general surgeons, and 9 orthopedic surgeons serving the 146,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. The U.S. Army has 2 pediatric surgeons.

Which country is best for orthopedic?

Top 10 centers for orthopedic surgery worldwide

  1. Liv Orthopedic Surgery Center, Turkey. …
  2. St. …
  3. Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, Italy. …
  4. Carolina Orthopedic Surgery Center, Poland. …
  5. Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand. …
  6. Helios Vogelsang Orthopedic Surgery Clinic, Germany. …
  7. Kang Dong Center for Orthopedic Surgery, South Korea.

What does an orthopedic surgeon do in the military?


The physical demands required from our Airmen can take a tremendous toll on their bodies. Responsible for the examination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, Orthopedic Surgeons care for everything that allows one to move, work and be active.

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What is a military surgeon called?

As a Field Surgeon, you’ll join missions to help treat and protect Soldiers. You’ll perform procedures to combat diseases and injuries in need of immediate treatment.

How much do Army orthopedic surgeons make?

Average U.S. Army Orthopedic Surgery Specialist yearly pay in the United States is approximately $220,313, which is 123% above the national average.

What is a combat surgeon?

They perform organ transplants, manage surgical critical care and oncology treatment, and treat trauma and burn patients. And many have additional skills, training and experience in specialized areas. A combat-experienced trauma surgeon may be, for example, a vascular surgeon in the civilian world.

Do Army surgeons get deployed?

They have a guaranteed job with generous retirement benefits. Some aspiring physicians are attracted to the life of an Army doctor. You won’t need to build a practice or manage a business. … Most Army doctors are deployed overseas at some point (though not necessarily to a war zone), away from their families.

How many doctors are in Afghanistan?

There are only 7.26 doctors, nurses, and midwives per 10,000 population (WHR 2006). Based on current training plans, this figure is expected to increase to only 9.12 doctors, nurses, and midwives per 10,000 population over the next 5 years (Afghanistan National Health Workforce Plan 2012-16 (Draft), 2011).

Who is the best surgeon in the country?

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Rank Physician Name

Who is the most famous orthopedic surgeon in the world?

James Andrews (physician)

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James Andrews
Education Louisiana State University (B.S., M.D.)
Occupation Orthopedic surgeon
Known for Andrews Institute Andrews Research & Education Foundation Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center American Sports Medicine Institute Alabama Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

Who’s the best orthopedic surgeon in the world?

CHICAGO — Dr. Richard A. Berger, 55, is the only surgeon in the world to perform over 10,000 minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgeries.