Is your jaw wired shut after jaw surgery?

Do they wire your mouth shut after jaw surgery?

Your doctor will wire your jaw together to stabilize the mouth and prevent the jaw joint from moving following surgery. Your doctor will attach bars to your upper and lower gums in the front and back of your mouth. These will hold the wires or elastics in place to keep your jaw shut.

Do you have to get your jaw wired shut after jaw surgery?

In the past, and occasionally at the present time, teeth must be wired together after jaw surgery. This allows the bones to heal while they are being held still. In the majority of cases today we use small bone plates and screws to hold the bones while allowing them to heal.

Can you talk if your jaw is wired shut?

You may find it difficult to talk and be understood the first week or so after fixation. Be patient and try not to be frustrated if people cannot understand you. Talk as slowly and as distinctly as you can. Carry a pen and pad for especially difficult times, but do not become too dependent on them.

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How does someone eat when their jaw is wired shut?

You can puree vegetables or fruits in a blender or food processor. Put milk or soy beverage with yogurt or ice cream and fruit in a blender to make milkshakes. Drink liquid supplements, such as Ensure or Boost, one or two times a day. Try to drink or eat liquid foods 6 times a day rather than 3 times a day.

How long do you have your jaw wired shut for?

Your jaws will be wired together approximately six to eight weeks. This is the time it takes for the bones to heal in a good, strong union. During the time your jaws are wired together, you will find eating, talking and other daily activities somewhat difficult.

Does having your jaw wired shut hurt?

Jaw wiring isn’t painful. Your doctor will wire your teeth together while you are still under general anesthesia. Plus, during recovery, you may actually experience post-operative numbness because a lot of the nerves in the lips, chin, and gums may still need to heal.

How much does it cost to wire jaw shut?

Called the DDS System, the device costs nearly $500, and it is custom-made to fit the roof of your mouth. The manufacturer, Scientific Intake of Atlanta, touts the device as one that promotes behavior-change, rather than calling it a guaranteed weight-loss aid.

Does bone grow back after jaw surgery?

Your bones will grow back together, initially held together by plates or screws. Within about six weeks, you should be feeling back to normal.

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Can you eat with a wired jaw?

Once the wires or elastics are removed, you may need to eat a soft diet as your jaw muscles may be stiff. Examples of soft foods include puddings, casseroles such as macaroni and cheese and shepherd’s pie, meat loaf, spaghetti, soft cooked vegetables and canned fruits. liquid so you can drink it through a straw.

How much weight will I lose with my jaw wired shut?

You may lose 5–10% of your normal body weight while jaws are wired shut. You will be limited to a liquid diet until your jaws are no longer tightly held together. It is especially important to drink adequate amounts of fluids, 3–4 liters per day.

What happens after you get your jaw unwired?

Following surgery, your jaw is firmly wired shut for a set period of time that is determined by your doctor. During this period, you will be on a liquid diet. Once your jaw is unwired, you will remain on a soft food diet for several weeks.