Is Linx surgery laparoscopic?

How long does LINX procedure take?

The entire procedure itself usually takes less than an hour. Patients are allowed to leave the hospital and return home after an overnight stay where they are monitored closely for any complications that may arise. The patient can consume soft foods after about 48 hours. Before then, liquid foods are administered.

Is Linx surgery invasive?

We specialize in the LINX Reflux Management System (LINX), a revolutionary and minimally invasive treatment that helps control heartburn symptoms by keeping stomach acid away from your esophagus.

How is Linx inserted?

The LINX device, which is about the size of a nickel, can be inserted laparoscopically (through tiny incisions) in less than an hour. As one of 15 specialized clinical trial sites across the U.S. and Europe, URMC has been implanting the device in study patients since 2009.

Who is not a candidate for Linx surgery?

Patients with weak esophageal peristalsis or hiatal hernias larger than 2 cm are not candidates for the LINX® procedure. No preparation is required for the procedure itself.

Who is a good candidate for Linx?

Candidates for the LINX reflux management systems are patients ages 21-75 with typical symptoms of GERD for six months taking daily proton pump inhibitors (PPI) who continue to have symptoms. Diagnosis of GERD is defined by abnormal pH testing.

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Is Linx better than Nissen?

Treatment with the LINX Reflux Management System diminishes costs compared to laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication (LNF). Also, LINX is less invasive comparatively. Currently, Nissen fundoplication is only the gold standard surgery for GERD [2]. Although, initial clinical trials show that LINX is more efficious and safe.

Does Linx cure GERD?

LINX® is not a pill. It’s a revolutionary treatment for GERD that is clinically shown to produce consistent, lasting results. After treatment with LINX®, 99% of patients no longer experienced regurgitation. Over 85% were free of heartburn—and no longer needed daily reflux medication!

Does Linx surgery cause weight loss?

Potential Risks Associated with LINX System: belching, decreased appetite, device erosion, device migration (device does not appear to be at implant site), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), flatulence, hiccups, inability to belch or vomit, infection, nausea, odynophagia (painful swallowing), pain, regurgita- tion, …

Is Linx safe?

A: All surgical procedures have risks, such as the risks associated with anesthesia, risk of bleeding and risk of infection. These risks are small. The most common side effects of the LINX® system are difficulty swallowing, post-operative pain and temporary bloating of the stomach.

Can Linx be removed?

Can LINX® be removed? Yes. LINX® can be removed through a minimally invasive procedure and preserves future treatment options for patients.

Is Linx surgery good?

LINX® has been shown to work very effectively to stop reflux symptoms. As a minimally invasive procedure, it is considered safe and has fewer associated side effects than fundoplication operations (fundoplication has a 5-10% revision rate within 5 years due to technical failure or recurrent symptoms).

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Can the LINX device move?

The LINX System is placed around the esophagus and the ends of the device are attached to each other. The procedure usually takes less than one hour to perform. It is unlikely that the LINX System will move from the place where it was implanted because it becomes covered with tissue during the healing process.