Is it normal to have severe pain after carpal tunnel surgery?

How long does pain last after carpal tunnel surgery?

You may have some soreness for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after surgery. Your bandage will stay on for 1-2 weeks. Your doctor may give you exercises to do during this time to move your fingers and keep them from getting too stiff.

Why does my hand hurt so much after carpal tunnel surgery?

Nerve irritation: There are many skin sensory nerve branches in the hand and palm. These nerves might be irritated from the surgical dissection and healing scar tissue. Treatment of pillar pain usually helps to improve the symptoms. Hand therapy is sometimes recommended.

What type of pain is normal after carpal tunnel surgery?

Regardless of an endoscopic or open approach, some patients undergoing carpal tunnel surgery experience pillar pain. Pillar pain is postsurgical pain at the base of the hand on the palm side. It is considered normal for the first 2-6 weeks after surgery.

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Is it normal to have shooting pains after carpal tunnel surgery?

Normal scar adhesions to the perineural tissues. This may result in a sudden, brief electrical paresthesia, typically shooting from the palm out the middle finger tip. It may occur while reaching, gripping, or at rest.

What can go wrong after carpal tunnel surgery?

Other complications were hypertrophic scars, dysesthesias after multiple procedures to release the carpal tunnel, joint stiffness, failure to relieve symptoms, and neuromas of the dorsal sensory branch of the radial nerve. All of these complications are potentially preventable.

Can you damage your hand after carpal tunnel surgery?

The majority of patients suffer no complications following carpal tunnel release surgery. However some patients may suffer from pain, infections, scarring, and nerve damage causing weakness, paralysis, or loss of sensation and stiffness in the hand and wrist area.

What happens at 6 weeks after carpal tunnel surgery?

6 to 8 weeks: Patients should be back to nearly full daily life and sporting activities, but still will feel some soreness in the palm to deep pressure or touch. Nighttime symptoms improve, but there may still be some numbness in the fingers.

Do they give you pain meds after carpal tunnel surgery?

It is normal to have swelling and discomfort after surgery that may last anywhere from days to a week or even slightly longer. Following your surgery you will be provided with narcotic medications. These medications are designed to help with, but not take away completely, the post- operative pain.

How do you sleep after carpal tunnel surgery?

Your surgeon might teach you the “hand above elbow, elbow above heart” rule. When sleeping, it may help to use a large mound of pillows, either beside you or on your chest, to keep your hand and wrist in this elevated position.

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When does pillar pain start?

Incision Pain and Pillar Pain

Incisional pain occurs directly at the site of the incision. 3 Pain directly at the incision is typically only present for days or weeks after the surgery.