Is Contoura surgery permanent?

How long does Contoura LASIK last?

Contoura LASIK can last fifteen to twenty minutes and is generally said to be free of any discomfort.

What is the success rate of Contoura vision?

The results of Contoura Vision correction are exciting. Approximately 65 percent of the patients who had the treatment have correction better than 6/6. Also, there is less damage to tissues and faster healing.

Is there any side effects of Contoura vision?

Wavelight Contoura™ can also treat eyes that have already undergone lasik and have irregularities in the cornea that have resulted in a reduction in the quality of vision and in side effects. These side effects include glare, halos, ghosting of images and blurred vision.

Is Contoura better than LASIK?

Following are some of the difference between Contoura vision surgery and LASIK: Better results: The results of Contoura surgery are better as compared to LASIK in terms of visual clarity and correction in refractive error. Some of the patients experience corrections better than 6/6.

How permanent is laser eye surgery?

The answer to this question is for the vast majority the procedure is permanent with a definite reduction in dependency on glasses and contact lenses. Laser eye surgery produces a change in the power of the cornea, in a sense it carves out a permanent contact lens on the cornea.

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How many times can you get laser eye surgery?

Lasik can be performed more than once, but more than three treatments may be harmful to your health and could be fruitless in the end by causing even more severe vision problems.

Which eye surgery is best?

What Is the Best Laser Eye Surgery for You?

  • LASIK – the most popular procedure. …
  • LASEK – when you can’t have LASIK. …
  • ReLEx® SMILE – the latest generation of laser eye surgery. …
  • PRESBYOND – blending your vision when you need reading glasses.

What is the age limit for Contoura vision?

It is only recommended for anyone who is above 18 years of age. Moreover, patients who have specific vascular and immunodeficiency problems are advised not to undergo Contoura Vision.