How soon can you fly after rotator cuff surgery?

How long after rotator cuff surgery can you travel?


In general, you’ll want to avoid driving a car for at least six to 12 weeks, or until your doctor has indicated you no longer need to wear a sling. Driving with one arm is unsafe, and the shoulder that underwent surgery shouldn’t be moved too far away from the body.

How long do you have to wait to fly after surgery?

How long should you wait before flying?

Type of Surgery Time required before flying
Brain surgery Seven to ten days
Heart surgery One week to 10 days
Hernia surgery Four to ten days
Gallbladder removal Depends on the doctor

How long do you have to wear a sling after rotator cuff surgery?

Wear your shoulder immobilizer or sling

With many rotator cuff surgeries, you wear a sling or immobilizer at all times for 4-6 weeks. During this time, you can move your hand, wrist, and fingers, but the full motion of your arm is limited.

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Is it OK to fly after rotator cuff surgery?

If both your legs are in plaster, it is unlikely that you will be able to fly – Contact your travel operator or airline for advice. 4-5 days after simple, open surgery (i.e. wrist or hand surgery). 14 days for more complicated open surgery (i.e. shoulder joint replacement surgery).

How long after rotator cuff surgery can you sleep in a bed?

As your pain subsides and your shoulder heals, you can slowly lower yourself deeper into a horizontal position until it’s finally comfortable again. You will most likely need to sleep in a semi-reclined position for at least six weeks after surgery, sometimes longer.

Can I fly 2 weeks after surgery?

laparoscopic/keyhole surgery: 1–2 days. nasal or facial fracture repair: 2 weeks. orthopedic surgery involving a plaster cast fitting: 1–2 days.

How long after an operation can you get a blood clot?

When you stop moving, blood flows more slowly in your deep veins, which can lead to a clot. You’re most likely to get a clot between 2 and 10 days after your surgery, but your odds are higher for about 3 months.

How soon can you fly after anesthesia?

Following a general anaesthetic, we advise to wait at least two weeks for short haul flights and at least 6 weeks for long haul flights. As a rough guide, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) say that before flying: allow four to five days after simple abdominal surgery (belly button surgery)

How many weeks of physical therapy do you need for rotator cuff surgery?

Rotator cuff surgery recovery usually consists of immobilizing the shoulder in a sling for seven to ten days, physical therapy with passive and assisted motion for six weeks, followed by physical therapy with active motion for six weeks.

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How long does it take for a rotator cuff to heal?

Rotator cuff treatment. The minimum time for recovery from rotator cuff tendinitis or a small tear is generally two to four weeks, and stubborn cases can take several months. Early on, the aim is to reduce swelling and inflammation of the tendons and relieve compression in the subacromial space.