How much does skull reshaping surgery cost?

Is skull reshaping covered by insurance?

Skull reshaping surgery is both elective and cosmetic in intent. Since it does not provide any proven medical benefit, they are not procedures covered by insurance.

Can I get my skull reshaped?

Although it is not possible to undertake major skull reshaping surgery in adults, the situation can often be improved by reshaping the outer layers of the skull (burring) or by inserting implants to improve skull shape. Small irregularities can be treated with fat transfer.

Is head reshaping safe?

In answer to all the related questions about the dangers and risks of skull reshaping surgery, we are happy to let you know that there is no risk of death. This surgery is very safe and the patient should not worry about the dangers of his procedures. This was a detailed and thorough study of skull reshaping surgery.

Why do I have a weird head shape?

While it’s common for the shape of people’s skulls to vary, a new dent or irregularity in your skull can occasionally indicate a serious health condition. Dents in your skull can be caused by trauma, cancer, bone diseases, and other conditions.

Can you fix a lopsided head?

Less commonly, an uneven head shape happens when the bones of the skull fuse together too soon. This rare condition, called craniosynostosis, may require surgery both to correct the head shape abnormality and in some cases to give the baby’s brain room it needs to grow.

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