How long should I keep my knee wrapped after surgery?

How long wear compression bandage after knee surgery?

When can I stop wearing the compression bandage? Keep on until your post-operative visit. After this just wear it during the day until the swelling is gone. This is usually about four to six weeks.

How long should I wrap my knee after meniscus surgery?

Keep the operative dressing in place for the first 3 days. After that, you may follow the above instructions. We recommend removing the dressing, placing large band-aids over the incisions, and then reapplying the ace wrap.

How long does it take to walk after arthroscopic knee surgery?

It may take 4-5 months for full healing. The patient should be able to bear weight on the knee while standing or walking, immediately after surgery. Crutches will be necessary for 2-7 days after surgery. Rehabilitation to gain full ROM should occur within 1-2 weeks.

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How often should you change dressing after knee surgery?

Beginning the 2 days after you are discharged from the hospital you should change your dressing daily. A big, bulky dressing isnt necessary as long as there isnt any drainage from the incisions. You can put a band-aid or a piece of gauze over each incision and wear an ACE bandage as needed for comfort and swelling.

Should I wrap my knee after knee replacement?

While you can remove the white fluffy dressing the day after surgery, you should use the ace wrap for at least a few days after surgery, or as long as your leg or knee has some swelling. You should stop the Ace wrap about 9-12 days after surgery.

When can I take compression bandage off?

Your wound will be covered with a bulky bandage called a pressure dressing. This should be left in place for 24 hours and kept dry. After 24 hours you can remove the bulky bandage.

How long does it take for a meniscus tear to heal after surgery?

Though the surgery to repair a meniscus tear alone is not terribly long, the recovery time can last anywhere from three weeks to six months for a full return to activity.

When can I take bandage off after meniscus surgery?

You may take the soft bandage that’s placed on your knee immediately after surgery off two days after surgery. If steri-strips were applied to the incisions, do not remove them. Rather, let them fall off by themselves. Remaining steri-strips may be removed 10 days after surgery.

What is the fastest way to recover from meniscus surgery?

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (R.I.C.E) are recommended for patients recovering from any kind of surgery, include meniscal repair. Keep these guidelines in mind to make sure you’re getting the most out of this approach: Avoid whatever activity caused your injury and rest as often as possible.

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What is the fastest way to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery?


  1. applying ice packs to the dressing and surrounding area to reduce swelling and pain.
  2. keeping the leg elevated for several days after surgery.
  3. resting well and often.
  4. changing the dressing regularly.
  5. using crutches and following the doctor’s recommendations about applying weight to the knee.

Can I sleep on my side after knee arthroscopy?

If you do choose to sleep on your side, roll to the non-surgery side and put a pillow between your knees. Use this position only if you’re having no luck getting to sleep on your back, and remember not to bend the knee.

How long will my knee hurt after arthroscopic surgery?

The pain settles usually within two to three weeks, but may take upwards of six weeks. Swelling in the whole knee up to six weeks. Tenderness around the wound sites up to four weeks. Muscle wasting in the thigh, improves as swelling and pain decrease.