How long does swelling last after neuroma surgery?

How long does it take to fully recover from Morton’s neuroma surgery?

Long recovery.

The basic recovery time from Morton’s neuroma surgery is frequently 3 or possibly 4 weeks, even if a top of the foot (“dorsal”) surgical approach is used and it can easily take 3-4 months to for the full effects of surgery. In other words, it can take 3-4 months to become fully mobile.

Do you need physical therapy after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

We perform a number of different ablation procedures to treat your Morton’s neuroma. After we have treated you, you should consider Physical Therapy to help strengthen your muscles and correct any walking (gait) deficiencies that may have arisen due to your previous Morton’s pain.

Does your foot swell with Morton’s neuroma?

When you have Morton’s neuroma, the nerve between the bones of your toes may become swollen and inflamed. You usually feel it on the bottom of your foot, between your toes. The neuroma can feel painful and make it hard to walk. Getting treatment for Morton’s neuroma is important.

How soon can you walk after neuroma surgery?

After surgery, walking is usually allowed immediately in a protective post-operative shoe or boot. This is used mostly to accommodate for the thick bandaging. Skin sutures are removed 2 weeks after surgery, and once removed normal bathing with foot immersion is allowed.

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What are the side effects of Morton’s neuroma surgery?

Postoperative complications, such as dysesthesias, are possible when surgery is performed to remove the neuroma. Possible complications following corticosteroid injections may include plantar fat pad necrosis and transient numbness of the toes.

How successful is neuroma surgery?

The success rate ranges from 51 % to 85 % in long-term follow up [9, 10, 13, 15]. The purpose of this study was to document the postoperative long-term results of excision of interdigital neuromas and to assess possible adverse events and complications.

How soon can I run after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

Depending on your job, you may be able to return to work during the second week after your operation. Around two to three weeks on, you can return to sporting activity, starting with low impact exercise and gradually increasing your activity level.

Does neuroma surgery work?

Neuroma surgery does tend to be highly successful on average, and the vast majority of patients experience good results. However, no surgery is completely without risk, and you’ll be making irreversible changes to your body.

Is ice good for Mortons Neuroma?

1. Ice. To decrease inflammation, one should use ice on the painful area for 15-20 minutes, at least 2-3 times per day – especially in the evening. (Caution: avoid using ice if you suffer from circulation or sensation problems in the foot.)

Is Morton’s neuroma a disability?

Do you know that patients with untreated Morton’s Neuroma can develop a lifelong disability? According to the laws of United States, patients with chronic cases of this physical condition can apply for disability benefits on account on their incapability to walk and therefore, earn a living for themselves.

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