How long after retina surgery can you shower?

Can you shower after retinal detachment surgery?

You may shower and wash your hair carefully the day after your surgery. Do not scrub your head vigorously. Avoid getting soap and water in your eye. Do not let the water pound on your face.

What can you not do after retinal surgery?

Allow the eye to heal. Don’t do things where you might move your head. This includes moving quickly, lifting anything heavy, or doing activities such as cleaning or gardening. You will probably need to take 2 to 4 weeks off from work.

How long do I have to sleep on my side after retinal surgery?

providing you keep your head in the required position. Do not lie flat on your back until the gas has been fully absorbed: this can be up to eight weeks; this varies depending on the concentration and type of gas we have used.

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How much can you walk 2 weeks after retinal detachment surgery?

You should avoid exercising for at least 2 weeks following your surgery. You may resume normal activities, little by little. After week 1, you may start by walking as much as a mile. You may advance to 2 miles, in the second week and can typically run by week six.

How long does the gas bubble last after retinal surgery?

The duration of the bubble depends on which gas is injected into the eye. The most commonly used gases are known as “SF6” and “C3F8”. SF6 gas stays in the eye for about one month; C3F8 gas remains for about two months.

Can you watch TV after retinal detachment surgery?

Watching TV and reading will cause no harm. Your vision will remain blurred / poor for several weeks. Often the vision is distorted after surgery. This will vary depending on the type of operation, e.g. if a gas bubble is inserted into the eye, as the bubble shrinks you might see the edge of the bubble.

How long does it take a retinal tear to heal?

It generally takes about two weeks to heal after retinal tear surgery, but you can usually resume normal activities within a few days. Heavy lifting and other more strenuous activities should be avoided while your eye heals.

How long after retina surgery can I see?

It can take several weeks or months for someone’s vision to fully recover after detached retina surgery, but most discomfort will go away within the first week.

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How do you wash your hair after retinal surgery?

You may take a shower, but a bath is not advisable during the first 2 weeks after surgery. You can wash your face (and shave normally), but do not rub or press on the eye. Keep water out of your eye when washing your hair.

Why do you have to stay face down after retina surgery?

After the retina has been treated, the space in your eye is refilled with a gas bubble or silicone oil to help the retina reattach or the hole to close. Keeping your head in this face down position allows the bubble or oil to remain in the correct position so it heals as quickly and effectively as possible.

How do you sit after retina surgery?

Making Your Face-down or Sideways Recovery easier:

  1. Sitting: Fold your arms on a table and lay your forehead on your arms.
  2. Lying down: Lie face down on a pillow; have the recovering side of your face hang off the edge of the bed. …
  3. Anytime: Use special equipment that can make it easier to stay face down or sideways.

How do you stay face down after eye surgery?

Instead of getting a special face-down pillow with a space cut out for your face, you can arrange a large towel into a horseshoe shape to support your head as you sleep. You can also place trays on top of pillows or bean bags to make a useful surface for eating, reading or using a laptop or tablet.