How long after laser eye surgery can you smoke?

When can I smoke after laser eye surgery?

After LASIK, you’ll want to avoid smoking for a few weeks so your eyes can full heal. This is just playing it safe and making sure that you will not trigger any serious attacks of dry eye or major eye irritation.

Can you vape after laser eye surgery?

Whether you smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or even vape, you will need to quit at least temporarily after your LASIK surgery. This is because smoke is especially irritating to your eyes, making it one of the most important things to avoid. Other irritants to avoid include dust, dirt, and other air pollutants.

Can a smoker get LASIK?

To minimize these risks and ensure that eye health and LASIK results are not compromised, it is recommended that a person quits smoking at least three weeks before having LASIK and continue to abstain for at least two weeks after surgery.

Can I vape before LASIK?

Before you undergo LASIK or other laser vision correction procedures, it’s important that you attempt to avoid cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products. This will help put your body in the best condition to heal well after your procedure.

Can I take steam after LASIK?

You can resume all your regular day-to-day activities a day after surgery. You should avoid splashing water, take steam, and avoid dust-related environment for a week . You may experience some visual fluctuation as it takes a few days to wks to stabilize your vision following LASIK.

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