How do you sleep after Diep surgery?

When can I sleep on my side after DIEP flap surgery?

When can you sleep on your side after having the DIEP procedure? You should be able to sleep on your side within four weeks of the breast surgery, but ensure you’re not putting any extra stress or pressure on the wounds if you do.

How long does pain last after DIEP flap surgery?

Right after the surgery, you will probably feel weak, and you may feel pain for 2 to 3 weeks.

How can I sleep comfortably after breast reconstruction?

The best position for safe sleeping after breast augmentation surgery is on your back with your upper body slightly elevated. This position, typically achieved by sleeping in a recliner or with a stack of pillows, can reduce breast swelling and soreness.

How long does it take for breast fat transfer to settle?

Your breasts will settle into their final shape in about six months. As with any other fat transfer procedure, some of the fat extracted and transferred may die in the first few days. Also, a small amount may be reabsorbed by the body eventually.

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Do you lose weight after Diep Flap?

If you lose weight after DIEP surgery, your reconstructed breasts will likely decrease in size as well. This change may be minimally noticeable or drastic, depending on how your body reacts to weight loss.

How long do you wear binder after Diep Flap?

If your surgeon gave you an abdominal binder, wear it all day for the first 3 weeks after surgery. Then wear it for the next 3 weeks during the day only. All your stitches will dissolve on their own. All your dressings will be removed on the day you leave the hospital.

What is Phase 2 of Diep Flap?

The second stage of surgery is commonly referred to as the “revision” stage and is usually performed about three months after the initial reconstruction. The purpose of the second stage of DIEP surgery is to fine-tune the reconstructed breast and improve the overall cosmetic results.

How much belly fat do you need for DIEP Flap surgery?

There is also an upper limit beyond which the risks of surgery typically outweigh the benefits – At PRMA we set an upper BMI limit of 40. Research performed at PRMA has shown that performing the procedure on women with a BMI over 40 significantly increases the risk of complications (especially wound healing problems).

Is Diep a tummy tuck?

While we often say that a DIEP Flap procedure is like getting a tummy tuck, the focus of the surgery is natural breast reconstruction. Some patients may see results with the same toning and tightening as a tummy tuck, but others may not see drastic changes to their midsection.

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Do you have feeling after DIEP Flap surgery?

Sensory nerve repair at time of DIEP flap breast reconstruction may restore feeling after mastectomy. For patients undergoing mastectomy for breast cancer treatment, loosing feeling is a very common concern. During a mastectomy, nerves supplying the breast with feeling are severed causing loss of sensation.