How do I get back into gym after surgery?

When can I go back to the gym after surgery?

Depending upon your surgery you may have up wait up to 6 months before undertaking any rigorous exercise. Therefore, in the first couple of months, you might have to avoid sprinting, heavy lifting, and jumping, as strenuous exercises may actually slow the healing process and possibly cause injury.

How can I get back to my workout after surgery?

Add weight training later and listen to your body now.

  1. If you’ve had top/chest surgery, avoid all overhead exercises for the first few months.
  2. If you’ve had a lower surgery, start by walking. …
  3. Focus on muscle groups farther away from your surgery site.
  4. Try to add in more cardio.

How do I start lifting weights after surgery?

If you’ve had laparoscopic surgery you can lift weights immediately. If you’ve had open surgery, do not lift more than 10lbs for the first six weeks. After that, you can increase to 30 lbs. for 2 weeks and no limit after 8 weeks.

Can you do push ups after back surgery?

Prone Press Ups

One of the simplest, yet most effective, exercises to protect your back and lumbar discs after laminectomy is the prone press-up. 1 This exercise compresses the back of your healing discs and helps to keep them situated in the proper place in your low back.

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How do I regain my balance after back surgery?

Ask your doctor about what activities you can do while your spine heals to help improve your balance. Walking Assistance – If you have balance issues, consider investing in a cane or a walker for a few days while you work to regain your balance. This will ensure you won’t fall and re-injure your spine.

Can I do squats after abdominal surgery?

Resuming Normal Exercise

Through the first six weeks following surgery, you should not perform any exercise (or activity) that involves straining through the abdominal region. That means no weight lifting, crunches, or anything else that greatly increase the pressure through your abdominal cavity.

What happens if you lift something heavy after surgery?

Excessive straining of any sort (including working out at the gym) may not only cause wounds to open, but it can also invite infection into the areas of broken or disrupted skin. Make sure to take all the rest you need and then some.