Frequent question: What can you not do after Lanap surgery?

What should you not do after Lanap?

Do not rinse, brush, eat, drink or smoke for 1 hour after rinsing. Any of these Page 2 actions will result in an extremely bitter taste. Continue to use Peridex until we see you at your post op appointment.

What can you not do after laser gum surgery?


  • Do not be alarmed with any color changes or appearance of tissues following laser therapy. …
  • Reduce activity for several hours following the surgery.
  • 3.It is OK to spit, rinse, and wash your mouth today. …
  • 4.Do not eat spicy or excessively hot foods.

How long does it take for gums to heal after Lanap?

How Long Does It Take to Recover from LANAP? Afterward, the patient can go about their day normally with minimal pain. There are no sutures to worry about and no lasting discomfort. In fact, recovery time is around 24 hours, much faster than the 2 – 4 weeks traditional gum surgery takes.

How long does it take to recover from Lanap?

Following traditional scalpel and suture surgery, recovery can take two to four weeks, during which patients can experience considerable pain and swelling. Healthy gums with minimal recession — When your gums are cut, the tissue shrinks and can show more of your tooth root.

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What can you eat after Lanap?

Anything that can be put in a blender is safe to eat after receiving LANAP treatment.

Eat soft but nutritious food such as:

  • Eggs.
  • Pasta.
  • Yogurt.
  • Cottage Cheese.
  • Smoothies.
  • Ice cream.
  • Mashed Potatoes.
  • Pudding.

Can I drink coffee after Lanap?

Eating. Avoid hot temperature food and drinks the day of the surgery (coffee, tea, soup). Soft foods (fish, pasta, etc.) are advised for the first few days.

When can I chew after Lanap?

EATING. Do not chew on the side of your mouth that has been treated for one week. One of the most important results of the laser surgery is the blood clots that form following surgery. It is extremely important not to dislodge the tiny clots that form in and around the gum tissue.

What can I drink after Lanap?

The first three days following Laser Therapy, follow ONLY a liquid –like diet to allow healing. Anything that could be put in a blender to drink is ideal. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CLEAR LIQUIDS. Some examples of liquids are Boost, low Sodium V-8, Odwalla smoothie and protein drinks.

When can I drink after Lanap?

No alcohol and no carbonated drinks for 2 weeks. Oral Hygiene: You will be prescribed an oral rinse that will replace brushing of treated areas for 1 week. Start the mouth rinse the following morning after your procedure.

Will LANAP save my teeth?

Saves loose teeth: With LANAP, patients can save their natural teeth, especially if they have loosened due to periodontal disease and cannot be saved through conventional treatments.

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Can I eat after LANAP?

For the first 24 hour period immediately following surgery, stay on a liquid diet only. For the following 3-7 days after surgery, a soft diet is recommended. Try to eat soft but nutritious foods such as eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, malts, ice cream, etc. Stay away from spicy and “chippy” foods.