Frequent question: How long does it take to recover from spondylolisthesis surgery?

Is surgery for spondylolisthesis successful?

Potential Benefits of the Surgery

Spinal fusion surgery for a degenerative spondylolisthesis is generally quite successful, with upwards of 90% of patients improving their function and enjoying a substantial decrease in their pain.

How long does it take to walk after spinal surgery?

You’ll be encouraged to walk and move around the day after surgery and it’s likely you’ll be discharged 1 to 4 days afterwards. It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for you to reach your expected level of mobility and function (this will depend on the severity of your condition and symptoms before the operation).

What is the success rate for spondylolisthesis surgery?

Conclusions: Surgical outcomes of decompression surgery for degenerative spondylolisthesis were successful in 73% cases. Preoperative radiological features for poor outcomes were slippage of more than 13%, an upper migrated disc, disc wedging, and lamina inclination.

How long does it take to get back to normal after back surgery?

You need to be off pain meds and get your doctor’s OK. Many patients start about 3 weeks after surgery. When you go back to work depends on the type of surgery you had and what kind of work you do. It may take as long as 2-3 months to fully recover.

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How long does it take to fully recover from spinal fusion surgery?

Your Recovery

It may take 4 to 6 weeks to get back to doing simple activities, such as light housework. It may take 6 months to a year for your back to get better completely. You may need to wear a back brace while your back heals. And your doctor may have you go to physiotherapy.

What happens after spondylolisthesis surgery?

After a spinal fusion surgery for spondylolisthesis, the patient will be hospitalized for one to five days. Early ambulation is encouraged as walking helps limit the chances of postoperative complications, such as deep venous thrombosis or pneumonia. It is also very gentle on the spine and can enhance healing.

How do you sit on the toilet after back surgery?

Use an elevated toilet seat or commode to raise the level of the toilet. Do NOT lean over your legs while sitting. 2. Wear your brace while using the bathroom.

Do you need a walker after back surgery?

Your physician will encourage you to walk as much as possible. You will need an assistance device such as a walker or cane for the first week; however, you should strive to limit the use of this device after the first two to three weeks when you are on stable ground.

How long after back surgery can you drive?

You can drive when you feel up to driving and are not taking narcotic pain medications or after clearance by your surgeon. This is usually 2 to 3 weeks after a laminectomy and discectomy and 4 to 6 weeks after a lumbar fusion.

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Is back surgery worth the risk?

Back surgery might be an option if conservative treatments haven’t worked and your pain is persistent and disabling. Back surgery often more predictably relieves associated pain or numbness that goes down one or both arms or legs. These symptoms often are caused by compressed nerves in your spine.

Can spondylolisthesis come back after surgery?

People who have surgery for spondylolisthesis often return to an active life within a few months of surgery. You will likely need rehabilitation after surgery to help you get back to full function.