Can you ice too much after rotator cuff surgery?

Can you over ice after shoulder surgery?

Continue ice consistently for 48 hours after surgery. After 48 hours, you should ice your shoulder 3 times per day, for 20 minutes at a time for the next 5 days. After one week from surgery, you may use ice as needed for pain and swelling.

How many days should I ice after rotator cuff surgery?

Icing is very important for the first 7-14 days after surgery. While the post-op dressing is in place, icing/cooling machine should be performed as frequently as possible. Once the dressing is removed (after 48-72 hours), ice is applied for 20-minute periods 3-4 times per day or as much as tolerated.

How long should you use an ice machine after shoulder surgery?

An ice machine will be provided to you prior to your surgery. This will help decrease swelling and pain after your surgery. Use the ice machine as much as possible when you get home at intervals of 30 minutes on and off. You should keep the ice machine for approximately two weeks.

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How do you ice your shoulder after rotator cuff surgery?

Apply the ice for 20 – 30 minutes at least 4 times per day for the first few days. Then use it 2 – 3 times a day after doing your exercises. You may use the ice more frequently if you are having continued pain and swelling. Just do not sleep with the ice on.

How many days should you ice an incision after surgery?

The inflammatory process is most active in the first 24 hours after a surgery, persisting for up to 2 weeks. We recommend that you continue the aforementioned icing routine for the first 2 weeks after your surgery. This is a very effective way to maximize your healing environment.

What happens at 6 weeks after rotator cuff surgery?

You will begin active range of motion (AROM) exercises around 5 to 6 weeks after surgery. This is when you lift the weight of your arm against gravity, but no additional weight. Around 7 to 8 weeks most patients begin strengthening exercises using weights or resisted bands.

Is walking good after rotator cuff surgery?

When can I exercise after shoulder surgery? You can do things like walk immediately. Usually, you will be in a sling for a period of 2 to 6 weeks depending on the type of surgery. During that time you can remove the sling to extend the elbow several times a day.

How long does pain last after rotator cuff surgery?

This observation is supported by a study showing that in patients who have had rotator cuff surgery, strength in the shoulder muscles is not fully recovered until nine months after the surgery. As a result, it is normal to expect some continued symptoms of pain or soreness after rotator cuff surgery for several months.

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Can you put heat on shoulder after rotator cuff surgery?

You should not apply heat to swollen areas because heat increases blood flow to the skin, which can prolong the healing process. Physicians generally recommend that you wear the shoulder sling day and night for about two or three days for partial tears and up to three weeks for complete tears.

How long after rotator cuff surgery can I shower?

If you had arthroscopic surgery, you can take a shower 48 to 72 hours after surgery. Remove the sling, and leave your arm by your side. To wash under your armpit, lean over and let the arm fall away from your body.

Is bruising normal after rotator cuff surgery?

Bruising after shoulder surgery is normal. Don’t be alarmed if your arm turns black and blue. Blood follows gravity, so it is normal for this to happen in your arm around your biceps (front of your shoulder). This usually occurs 3-7 days after the surgery.