Can you get surgery to fix your voice?

Is there surgery to improve voice?

Laryngeal Framework Surgery

The most common procedure in this category is a Medialisation Thyroplasty (also called Type I Thyroplasty), that repositions an immobile or paralysed vocal fold to improve the voice.

How much is a voice change surgery?

The package for the SINGLE minimally-invasive feminization voice surgery is currently $7,115.

Is there a surgery to fix vocal cords?

Instead of using a bulk injection, this procedure — known as thyroplasty, medialization laryngoplasty or laryngeal framework surgery — relies on the use of an implant in the larynx to reposition the vocal cord. Rarely, people who have this surgery may need to have a second surgery to reposition the implant.

How much does deep voice surgery cost?

The surgery is performed by injecting fat into the patient’s vocal cords, adding bulk and creating a deeper-sounding voice. There’s a saying that goes: “sounding good is as important as looking good.” A change in the pitch of your voice can cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

Can you sing if you get your tonsils removed?

Singers are understandably anxious about undergoing throat surgery in case it impairs their vocal performance. However, a recent paper from the Journal of Voice suggests that not only does tonsillectomy not damage vocal cords, but could even make you a better singer.

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What is vocal cord surgery?

Vocal Cord surgery is performed when the vocal cords have growths, such as, polyps, tumors, or other masses that need to be removed for biopsy or to improve function. The child will usually exhibit a hoarse or raspy voice.

Is voice surgery safe?

There is also a risk that surgery could cause your voice to become too high or so rough, hoarse, strained or breathy (dysphonic) as to make communication difficult.

Is vocal cord surgery painful?

Most people who have microlaryngoscopy return home on the day of surgery. You may experience minor discomfort in your throat or soreness in your jaw, but pain is rarely severe. Your doctor may recommend a dose of over-the-counter pain relief medication, if necessary.

How can I permanently make my voice deeper?

Try speaking through your mouth, rather than your nose. It’s possible to get a deep nasal voice, but it sounds more masculine if you speak through your mouth. To deepen your voice, you’ll want to try and lower your pitch. To do this, relax your throat as much as possible, to avoid tightening your vocal cords.

How risky is throat surgery?

Surgery for laryngeal disorders is considered very safe, and the risk depends on the procedure. With framework surgery and implants, such as a thyroplasty, there can be complications related to surgery and general anesthesia, such as bleeding or infection.

How much does a vocal cord injection cost?


CPT* Description Fee**
92612 & 92613 Flexible fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallow study (aka videoendoscopic swallow study, or VESS) $485.00
64617-50, J0585 Botox injection into the larynx for spasmodic dysphonia $635.00
31541 Vocal fold microsurgery $750.00
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Can I sue for vocal cord paralysis?

The average settlement value for vocal cord paralysis in a personal injury lawsuit ranges between $175,000 and $275,000. Some of the most serious cases of vocal paralysis can have a settlement value 2 or 3 times that amount.