Can you eat normally after Linx surgery?

What can I eat after LINX procedure?

After the LINX procedure is formed, your surgeon will recommend that you stick to a soft food diet for the first 24 hours. Soft foods are things that you can easily squish with your fingers, like noodles, whitefish and grapes, as well as other options like soup and yogurt.

Can I eat pizza after Linx surgery?

Avoid eating breads, toast, crust, and pizza for 3 weeks after your procedure. You may have difficulty eating pasta and rice. Short noodles such as macaroni and cheese and rice in soups are usually better tolerated.

How long is recovery from LINX procedure?

Most healing takes place within six weeks after surgery, but the scar will still soften over time. After six weeks, it is ok to massage firm scars with lotions or vitamin E oil to help them soften. The final appearance of the scar may not be apparent until one year following surgery.

How long does dysphagia last after Linx?

It is completely normal to experience some dysphagia during the two to twelve week post-surgery time period, with the majority of dysphagia occurring around six weeks. Why does dysphagia occur? Dysphagia after the LINX procedure is due to the healing process as the body grows tissue around the magnetic beads.

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Can you burp after Linx?

Inability to Burp or Vomit – Some people actually feel that this is a benefit, but if you’re gassy or sick, it might feel good to burp or vomit. Most people don’t have this problem, but about five percent find it very hard to burp or vomit after the LINX procedure.

Can you drink alcohol after Linx surgery?

No driving or drinking alcohol for 72 hours post- op or while taking pain medication.

Can you lift weights after Linx surgery?

A: Routine daily activities can begin within a few days of surgery when pain medicine is no longer required. Activities such as sit-ups or weight lifting, which require use of the abdominal muscles, should be deferred for three to six weeks.

What is the success rate of Linx surgery?

The success rate for LINX is very high. Of the patients who undergo this procedure, 90 to 95 percent are able to stop taking medication completely and the remaining 5 to 10 percent rarely take medication. There are also several advantages to this procedure over the previous approaches used to treat GERD.

What is pooling after Linx surgery?

Avoid carbonated drinks; they will make you feel bloated. You may experience a sensation similar to heartburn. This is usually not true reflux, but what most likely is happening is that fluids are pooling above the LINX device. This can cause an irritation of the lining of the esophagus.