Can I take antibiotics after LASIK?

What can you not do after getting LASIK?

5 Things to Avoid After LASIK Eye Surgery

  • Swimming. After eye surgery, you should avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, and other bodies of water like lakes and rivers for at least two weeks. …
  • Exercise and Sports. …
  • Applying Makeup. …
  • Phone and Computer Screens. …
  • UV Exposure.

How common is infection after LASIK?

How Common Is Infection after LASIK? Infection is one of the most common risks following LASIK surgery. However, the risk of any complication after LASIK is low, so infection is rare. In fact, it is estimated that infection occurs in about one out of 1,000 LASIK patients.

What happens if you get an infection after LASIK?

Patients with post-LASIK infection typically present with vision loss and pain. Infection may progress to flap melt (necrosis) requiring amputation of the flap. Severe cases of post-LASIK infection may lead to intraocular infection known as endophthalmitis.

What medication do you get after LASIK?

Please use in the following order:

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Steroid (Durezol or Prednisolone) 4 times a day; Antibiotic (Endsin — Floxacin) 4 times a day; Artificial Tears (Refresh Tears) use every 2 hours while awake. Preservative Free tears recommended for the first week at minimum.

Can I do push ups after LASIK?

It is best to avoid all activities that will strain your eyes while you recover from LASIK. Bodyweight workouts can be a great alternative when lifting weights is not an option. Bodyweight exercises can include sit-ups, push-ups, and wall sits. These exercises can give you a great workout without straining your eyes.

How can I heal faster after LASIK?

Tips For Fast Recovery After LASIK Eye Surgery

  1. Keep your follow-up appointments. The day following your LASIK procedure, you will have a checkup. …
  2. Take it easy. …
  3. Luxuriate with a bath. …
  4. Use eye drops as recommended. …
  5. Play no sports. …
  6. Wear eye protection. …
  7. Dim light is recommended. …
  8. Make it all about you!

How long after LASIK can I take antibiotics?

Generally, the antibiotic eye drops should be used for about seven to ten days. The steroidal eye drops are used for one to two weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on how many times to use the eye drops each day, and how long the drops should be used for.

How do I know if my eye is infected after LASIK?

Symptoms of a post-LASIK infection

  1. Excessive tearing of the eyes.
  2. Extreme sensitivity to light.
  3. Hazy vision.
  4. Pain in the eyes.
  5. Redness or eye irritation that does not dissipate as the eyes recover.

How do you know if your eyes are infected?

Signs of an Eye Infection

  1. Pain in the eye.
  2. A feeling that something is in the eye (foreign body sensation).
  3. Increased sensitivity to light (photophobia).
  4. Yellow, green, bloody, or watery discharge from the eye.
  5. Increasing redness of the eye or eyelids.
  6. A grey or white sore on the coloured part of the eye (iris).
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Is eye discharge normal after LASIK?

Dry eye is another common side effect of this procedure in the months following Houston LASIK surgery. You may find excess crusty mucus after a night of sleep and even may experience excessive tearing that can cloud your vision temporarily.

How long will eyes feel scratchy after LASIK?

It is normal and expected for patients to experience a sensation of grittiness or a sandy feeling in the eye following the procedure. This sensation usually tends to resolve itself over the first 1-3 months.

When should I call the doctor after LASIK?

If you have any questions, or if there’s pain, a sudden decrease in vision, redness, or discharge from your eye, contact your doctor right away.