Best answer: How do you tell someone about plastic surgery?


How do you tell someone you have plastic surgery?

Openly ask for their support and inform them about your most intimate reasons. Share how your perceived imperfections make you feel. Talk to your surgeon before the procedure and share the information you’ve acquired with them.

Should you tell people about plastic surgery?

It’s usually optional to tell others you‘ve had – or are planning on having – cosmetic surgery. Because many procedures – even facelifts – can yield natural-looking results with advanced techniques and scar management.

Should I tell my partner about plastic surgery?

If you are comfortable talking about the procedure, even the more intimate procedures, with your partner, your friends, and/or your family members, then perhaps you should go ahead and tell them. They can often provide a wealth of support and encouragement through your plastic surgery journey.

How do you tell your boyfriend you’re getting plastic surgery?

Outline the details of why you’d like this plastic surgery. For example, if you want to get liposuction, tell him that you’ve tried diet and exercise, but your body just isn’t responding to it. Chances are he knows you’ve been trying, so he’ll understand.

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How do you compliment someone after plastic surgery?

Saying something like “You look fantastic! Are you happy with the results of your procedure?” is often a good option. Going with a more general compliment such as, “You look beautiful today” is also appropriate.

How do you tell your parents you want cosmetic surgery?

Consider Your Approach Talk about your plastic surgery early on so that your family is aware well in advance. It is not a good idea to talk about the surgery right before or after the procedure is done. Although it is your decision to make, it’ll be a smoother process if your family is by your side and supportive.

Does plastic surgery change your personality?

So the answer as to whether plastic surgery changes your personality or not is an astounding YES! Improving your confidence and self-esteem is just one of the positive side effects that are unexpectedly welcome after undergoing plastic surgery.

Do guys care if you have breast implants?

They don’t care if silicone or saline is involved in creating this effect. Most will admit that implants feel different to the touch; but they don’t mind the difference in texture as long as the size appeals to them. For supportive male partners, the focus is on the woman, not the breast.