Best answer: Does top surgery affect hormones?

What are the side effects of top surgery?

The possible risks of transmasculine top surgery include, but are not limited to, bleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, hematoma, loss of nipple sensation, loss of the nipple and areola, and anesthesia risks.

Do you need to take hormones after top surgery?

No, WPATH Standards of Care do not require hormone therapy to be eligible for Top Surgery. (An exception to this is if you are trying to get U.S. insurance coverage for Top Surgery, in which case you may find that 1 year of HRT is required by the insurance company.)

Do you have to take testosterone after top surgery?

Many Top Surgery surgeons require patients to stop testosterone 1-2 weeks before Top Surgery, and some surgeons also require that the next scheduled dose be delayed by an additional week or two after Top Surgery.

What does top surgery do to your nipples?

Top surgery, or male chest reconstruction, involves the surgical removal of breast tissue and tailoring of the remaining chest skin, when needed, to generate a masculine chest contour. Usually, the surgery involves reducing the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

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Does anyone regret Top surgery?

Although this is not a well-researched area, studies that have asked the question have generally found that few to no patients regret having top surgery. Regret has also been reported as extremely low (in the vicinity of . 1 percent) for transgender individuals undergoing bottom surgery.

Is Top surgery high risk?

Risks. Like any other type of major surgery, top surgery for transgender men poses a risk of bleeding, infection and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Other complications might include: Poor wound healing.

How long does it take to heal from top surgery?

It may be 1-2 weeks before you’ll feel comfortable returning to work or school. Those with more strenuous jobs involving physical labor may require as long as 4-6 weeks. Pushing yourself before you’re ready can lead to setbacks in recovery.

Is there a weight limit for top surgery?

You have to be within a weight limit to get surgery: Some surgeons do impose weight or BMI limits on the patients they’ll work with, because of the fact that larger people are more susceptible to complications with top surgery. However, it’s by no means universal.

Is it better to start testosterone before or after top surgery?

For patients who want a more muscular chest after top surgery, we recommend starting testosterone, engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle, and weight lifting before chest reconstruction surgery.

Can breasts grow back after top surgery?

One of the most prevalent FTM surgery myths is that the breasts tend to grow back if you gain weight or stop taking testosterone. This is not true at all. Whether you had a keyhole or double-incision mastectomy, the breast tissues can never grow back once they’ve been surgically removed.

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