Your question: What is the recovery time for arthroscopic hip surgery?

Is hip arthroscopy worth it?

Hip arthroscopy by an experienced orthopedic surgeon is an excellent procedure to treat hip impingement, labral tears and loose cartilage in the hip joint causing symptoms, according to the researchers.

Is arthroscopic hip surgery painful?

Moreover, muscles and tendons are detached from bones and the femoral head is dislocated from the hip socket in order to have a complete view of the joint. Patients of arthroscopic surgery usually experience less pain because there is less tissue that needs to heal.

What can you not do after hip arthroscopy?

Limit prolonged standing and walking up to four weeks after surgery to avoid hip discomfort. Avoid deep squatting or heavy lifting up to six weeks after surgery. Avoid sleeping on the operated hip. Sleeping on your back or unaffected leg (with a pillow between the legs) will be more comfortable.

Can you walk after hip arthroscopy?

Hip arthroscopy patients can expect to walk using crutches for 1-2 weeks afterward, and to undergo six weeks of physical therapy. It may be 3-6 months before they experience no pain after physical activity. Below is some guidance on ways to expedite the recovery and healing process.

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Is a hip arthroscopy a major surgery?

Despite the small incisions, this is a major procedure. The early recovery is aimed at allowing the repaired tissue to heal and maintaining or increasing range of motion.

Do you wear a brace after hip arthroscopy?

You will need to wear the hip brace for three weeks. Place it securely around your waist and thigh; this serves as a reminder to control hyperextension and abduction. You will need to wear this brace when you are walking with crutches and flat foot weight bearing.

How do you sleep after hip arthroscopy?

You can sleep on either side but it may be more comfortable to sleep on your back or on the non-operated side. If you are sleeping on your side then it may be comfortable to put a pillow in between your knees. As with any surgery, you should expect some degree of pain.

When can you drive after hip arthroscopy?

Most patients do NOT drive AT LEAST until after their first postoperative visit (7-10 days after surgery). Even then, caution should be exercised, especially if you are on pain medication or if mobility is limited.

Does hip arthroscopy cause arthritis?

Conclusion. A clinical diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis was found in approximately 22% of young patients undergoing hip arthroscopy in as little as 2 years.

What happens if you don’t fix a hip labral tear?

If left untreated, acetabular labral tears may become a mechanical irritant to the hip joint, which can increase friction in the joint and speed the progress of osteoarthritis in your hip.

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