Your question: How soon can I drive after pterygium surgery?

How long after pterygium surgery can you drive?

You CANNOT DRIVE HOME after the surgery, so ensure that you have a carer and transport arranged for the next 24 hours. Although the procedure itself takes about 30 minutes, you should expect to be at the Day Unit for approximately 6 hours.

What should not be done after pterygium surgery?

PTERYGIUM SURGERY POST-OP INSTRUCTIONS CON’T DO NOT WEAR eye makeup or moisturizer around the eye area for 1 week after surgery. DO NOT swim; go into a hot tub, Jacuzzi, or sauna for 2 weeks following your surgery. You can take showers as normal, but avoid getting shampoo, soap, or water in your eye.

How long does it take for your eye to heal after pterygium surgery?

Full recovery can take several weeks to about a month. Patients are also instructed to use antibiotic and steroid drops for the first 1-2 months to prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of occurrence.

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How long is vision blurry after pterygium surgery?

The vision may be blurry for several weeks after surgery due to a change in the shape of the cornea after surgery and a change in the prescription of the eye. This may settle on its own, but may require a change in your glasses.

How long does pain last after pterygium surgery?

Healing time varies. Soreness is very common for the first week and redness may last up to 6 weeks after surgery. In general, smaller pterygiums tend to heal the fastest while larger pterygiums take longer to heal.

What helps pain after pterygium surgery?

Conclusion: We conclude that topical lidocaine gel is an effective and safe anesthetic agent for the control of pain experienced shortly after pterygium surgery.

Will vision improve after pterygium surgery?

Following the pterygium surgery, it’s normal to experience some discomfort and redness. It’s also common to notice some blurriness during recovery. However, if you begin to experience vision difficulties, a complete loss of vision, or notice pterygium regrowth, schedule a visit to your doctor.

How do you take care of your eyes after pterygium surgery?

Do’s and Don’ts After Pterygium Surgery

  1. Don’t drive until Dr. …
  2. Do not watch TV or read for the remainder of the day of surgery.
  3. Wait 24 hours after surgery to shower or bathe.
  4. Wash eyes gently and keep them closed when in water.
  5. Cover eye(s) when sleeping using eye shields.
  6. Do not apply eye makeup for one week after surgery.

Are you awake during pterygium surgery?

Are you awake during pterygium surgery? Yes, patients are awake, but they receive light oral sedation and the eye is numbed with local anesthetic. There is not any pain or sensation during the procedure.

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Can I exercise after pterygium surgery?

When can I resume regular exercise or play sports after pterygium surgery? You should plan to take it easy and not work out or play sports for a week. Aerobic and other exercise programs are not allowed for at least two weeks to decrease the risks of bleeding, swelling and bruising.

How successful is pterygium surgery?

Corneal surgeons have explored many different surgical techniques in order to improve outcomes and reduce pterygium recurrence. The overall recurrence rate after pterygium surgery has significantly declined from as high as 30 to 82 percent over the past few decades to less than 10 percent now.

How long after eye surgery can you see?

During the first few months after surgery, your vision may fluctuate. It may take up to three to six months for your vision to stabilize after surgery.