Your question: How long does it take to heal after inverted nipple surgery?

What should I wear after inverted nipple surgery?

For a minimum of 6 weeks following your surgery, you will be asked to wear a post-surgical compression bra to keep your breasts in place whilst your scars are healing.

Does inverted nipple surgery leave a scar?

However, it does cause scarring, an undesirable side-effect that can further damage the cosmetic appearance of the nipple.

Can nipples invert after surgery?

Surgery. The treatment for most inverted nipples is surgery. If you plan to breastfeed in the future, talk to your surgeon about the risk that the operation might harm your milk ducts. Also, keep in mind that some nipples go back to being inverted even after the procedure.

Can an inverted nipple be corrected with surgery?

Inverted nipples can be corrected with a minor surgical procedure. This minor procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic, although some patients prefer to be totally asleep under a general anesthetic. In either case there is no pain during the procedure.

What can I expect after inverted nipple surgery?

Results are often evident in about two to three weeks, and sensation will typically return gradually for up to six weeks after surgery. Mild firmness in the area of the incision is common for up to three months, and some post-operative swelling is normal.

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Are inverted nipples something to worry about?

Retracted nipples can be a normal variation of nipple type. They may also signal an underlying condition which could be benign or cancerous. If your nipples suddenly become retracted or inverted, see your doctor.