Your question: How long after lower back surgery can I play golf?

Can you play golf after lower back fusion?

A large group of spine surgeons were surveyed to determine when golfers could return to play after several different types of spine surgery. Most surgeons indicated they would allow patients to return to golf at 6 months after lumbar fusion; however, shorter times were recommended for competitive golfers.

How long after an epidural can I play golf?

At the very least, you should rest until you have regained feeling in all of your limbs, as moving around earlier puts you at risk of injury. This will usually take up to a few hours. If your idea of rest is not completing normal daily activities, then wait at least 24 hours after the epidural.

Can you play golf after a lumbar laminectomy?

The most common recommended time for return to golf was 4–8 weeks after lumbar laminectomy and lumbar microdiscectomy, 2–3 months after anterior cervical fusion, and 6 months after lumbar fusion.

Can you play sports after back surgery?

Athletes may return to play when they demonstrate normal strength, normal range of motion and no pain with sport specific activity; typically occurring at 6-12 months after surgery.

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Is it OK to play golf with spinal stenosis?

Golfers with spinal stenosis or facet arthropathy of the neck: Gentle motion exercises including rotation, flexion and extension of the neck may be performed during the warm-up before the golf game, as long as they don’t cause or worsen symptoms.

Can I play golf with degenerative disc disease?

Golfers with disc conditions and/or difficulty sitting for extended periods or bending: Avoid prolonged sitting or bending. Consider resuming golf by swinging the longer irons and woods with 50% effort. Slowly work toward using the shorter clubs, chipping and putting.

Does golf make spinal stenosis worse?

No matter what your ability level is, any golf swing causes substantial physical stress to the lumbar spine. Talk to a spinal stenosis specialist in Miami to discuss the risk of additional injury if you continue to play golf.

Can you play golf after a steroid injection?

Cortisone will probably reduce the pain for a few months but may not change the length of time it takes the injury to heal. After receiving a cortisone injection, you should not play sports or use the arm forcefully for about two weeks.

Can you drive after a lumbar epidural?

You can’t drive after an epidural. This is due to a combination of impaired reflexes and numbness. Don’t drive or operate other machinery for a full 24 hours after the epidural.

Is golf a contact sport protection of the spine and return to play after lumbar surgery?

Results: Studies have shown that the forces through the lumbar spine in the modern-era golf swing are like other contact sports. Methods of protecting the lumbar spine include proper swing mechanics, abdominal and paraspinal musculature strengthening and flexibility as well as physical fitness.

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