Your question: How do you straighten your toes with surgery?

How long does it take to recover from toe straightening surgery?

Recovery usually takes about six weeks for most people depending on what your surgery entailed. If the procedure was done on your right foot, you may not be able to drive for a few weeks after the surgery.

How do you surgically straighten your toes?

The most common surgical procedure for hammertoes is proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint fusion. The toe is straightened and stabilized by permanently fusing the two bones together. The traditional way to do this is by cutting the ends of the bones in the joint and joining them together.

Can you get surgery to reshape your toes?

Long toes can be surgically shortened. Depending on the severity and length of the toe, there are several methods to surgically correct shorten a toe. In general, the surgery involves removing a portion of the bone at the contracted joint, to realign the toe.

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How much does it cost to have toes straighten?

Out of pocket surgery for hammertoe costs around $4,200 on average. If you have a toe that becomes deformed and sticks up above other toes, it often impacts the toe next to it.

Do toe straighteners really work?

While a splint may give your toes a little temporary breathing room while you wear it, your big toe will continue on its slow journey inward. While a splint may slightly relieve discomfort, there is simply no evidence to support its use as a cure or treatment for bunions.

How much does it cost for toe surgery?

According to, hammer toe surgery[9] costs $14,900 on average, including a doctor fee of $714 and an anesthesia fee of $447.

Can you straighten hammer toes without surgery?

Hammertoes cannot be straightened without surgery. Once the toe has started to bend, conservative treatments alone will not reverse it, but can only slow its progression.

Does it hurt to have pins removed from toes?

If your doctor places pins during your surgery to keep your toes straight while they heal, they will remove them 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery. Removal is usually not painful because the pins begin to loosen on their own during your recovery.

What is Cinderella surgery?

The Cinderella Procedure, performed exclusively for cosmetic reasons, reduces foot size with a surgery that removes bunions and brings the bone on the side of the big toe inwards. This allows women to wear high-fashion brands such as Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik which are notorious for their narrow fit.

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Is there plastic surgery for feet?

Toe shortening and fat injections into the foot pad are among the popular procedures in a new plastic surgery craze focused on feet. Paying up to $3,000 per procedure, more and more women are surgically transforming themselves into Cinderella from the ankle down.

How long does toe shortening surgery take?

This surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes up to three hours due to the effects of anesthesia or sedation. During your procedure, the surgeon will likely use one of two methods to remove a piece of the bone in your toe to shorten it.

How long does pain last after toe surgery?

Your Recovery

You had surgery on your foot to remove the joint at the base of your toe. After your surgery, your foot may be red and swollen. Pain and swelling should slowly improve over the next 6 weeks.

Is mallet toe surgery covered by insurance?

Cost. Hammer toe is usually covered by insurance or Medicare if the condition is deemed medically necessary. Your doctor may consider the surgery medically necessary if: you’re experiencing pain.