You asked: Should I be able to move my toes after ankle surgery?

Is it normal to not be able to move your toes after foot surgery?

Numbness. The local anesthetic used during the surgery may last up to 48 hours. This means you may not feel anything or be able to move your toes for this time period. The numbness may make it hard to feel the effects of not following the directions.

How long does it take to get full range of motion after ankle surgery?

From Weeks 13–16, you should gain a full range of motion in non-fused joints, and you’ll be approaching a restoration of near normal strength.

How long are toes numb after ankle surgery?

Most patients receive a nerve block during surgery, which will numb the nerves that do down to the foot/ankle area. This block will last approximately 8-10 hours on average.

How do I get my range of motion back after ankle surgery?

Some simple exercises to do to improve your ankle ROM may include moving your ankle by pointing your toes up and down as far as possible, and moving your foot in and out, motions called inversion and eversion. Hold each position for a few seconds, and perform 10 to 15 repetitions.

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What can go wrong after ankle surgery?

Potential long-term problems after ankle fracture surgery include ankle joint stiffness, weakness, and arthritis. Possible complications include infection and problems with healing. Factors that increase risks after ankle fracture surgery include diabetes, steroid use, and cigarette smoking.

How long does it take to walk normally after ankle surgery?

It takes around six to 10 weeks to recover from a broken ankle. During this time, you will probably need to wear a cast or boot. Most people are able to walk normally again and resume their daily activities by around three months. Endurance will improve over time and as your strength improves.

How long will I need physical therapy after ankle surgery?

Physical therapy usually starts two to four weeks after ankle surgery, with sessions two to three times per week, and often continues for six to eight weeks.

Can I move my ankle after surgery?

After surgery, you should avoid walking on your foot for at least six weeks. Instead, you may use crutches, knee scooters, and/or wheelchairs to move around. It is important to rest and elevate the operated foot and ankle as much as possible over the next few weeks.

Is it normal for toes to be numb after ankle surgery?

The area immediately around an incision is often numb after surgery and may continue to be numb for several months after surgery. 5 This is caused by the nerves that run through the surgical site being damaged, and the sensation often returns in the months following surgery.

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Why do my toes tingle after ankle surgery?

After surgery, there can be several sensations that may be expected. It may also be expected that along with skin, muscle, and fascia, nerves may be disturbed during the surgical procedure. A sensation of sharp pain, tingling, and/or heat may be indicative of disruptions to nerve tissue.

How long does it take for nerves to heal after ankle surgery?

Based on axonal regeneration, sensory nerves may be expected to follow a corresponding regeneration law. However, clinical follow-up observations have confirmed that recovery after cutaneous nerve injury in the ankle usually starts at 4–6 weeks, and complete recovery usually requires 6 months or longer.