You asked: How long until you can drive after labrum surgery?

When can I drive after shoulder arthroscopy?

With no repair, you will be able to drive in 1‡2 weeks. With a repair, you can expect to return to driving from 2‡6 weeks following your surgery. This will depend on the extent of the repair and the frequency and distance you need to drive, as well as your confidence level.

What can you not do after labrum surgery?

You may not soak in a bathtub or go swimming until your sutures have been removed and your incisions are well healed. You should remove your sling/immobilizer to shower, but if you had a repair, you must keep your arm at your side. It may be helpful to sleep in a recliner initially after your surgery.

How long does it take for the labrum to heal after surgery?

At surgery, we put the labrum back in position against the bone. It is not healed. It requires about 6 to 8 weeks to heal to the bone. During that time the less stress you put across the shoulder, the more likely it is for the labrum to heal.

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How long after total shoulder surgery Can you drive?


In general, you’ll want to avoid driving a car for at least six to 12 weeks, or until your doctor has indicated you no longer need to wear a sling. Driving with one arm is unsafe, and the shoulder that underwent surgery shouldn’t be moved too far away from the body.

Can you drive after labrum surgery?

DRIVING: Please do not attempt driving for about 3-4 weeks after surgery. This is for your safety, as well as other drivers- please do not attempt to drive with only one hand. Reasons for no driving post operatively: A quick, reactive motion of the shoulder while driving could damage your surgical repair.

Why can’t I drive after shoulder surgery?

After the sling is removed, you will need to assess your pain level. If your shoulder hurts continuously, you can’t focus on driving, and repetitive steering movements can worsen the pain. If you are taking pain relievers, driving is not safe.

How bad is pain after labrum surgery?

Postoperative stiffness is a well-known complication after shoulder surgery, including arthroscopic labral repair that may result in a severe loss of range of motion (ROM). It can cause severe pain and disturb activities of daily life.

Is labral tear surgery worth it?

Doctors recommend labral tear surgery to patients who they think are good candidates—these patient are not at high risk for surgical complications and are likely to have good postsurgical results. For other patients, a hip replacement or other hip surgery may be considered.

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Can I Retear my labrum after surgery?

A torn labrum can usually be repaired with suture anchors during hip arthroscopy. Once the labrum has been repaired and all bony impingement has been corrected there is a very small chance that the labrum will re-tear.

How successful is labrum surgery?

Large labral tears that are the result of trauma generally need to be fixed in surgery. The success rate of this surgery is quite good, with over 90 percent of patients returning to their normal activities without any further dislocations.

IS SLAP tear surgery painful?

You will be in pain, and although you can mask that pain with pain medications, you may discover that doing so prevents you from taking care of your responsibilities. Your doctor will give you a sling, which he or she will advise you to wear for anywhere between two and four weeks.