Why would you be referred to a spinal surgeon?

Why would you see a spinal surgeon?

Why is spinal surgery performed? Spinal surgery is performed to correct spinal pathologies that cause pain. Back surgery is used to relieve the pain and/or numbness associated with this pain, which often radiates to other areas of the back, arms and legs.

Does referral to neurosurgeon mean surgery?

He specializes in spinal deformity and complex spinal reconstruction. One prevailing perception of spine surgeons (in general)—whether neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, or other—is that if you’ve been referred for an appointment with one, it automatically means you’ll be having back surgery.

When should you consider spinal surgery?

Back surgery might be an option if conservative treatments haven’t worked and your pain is persistent and disabling. Back surgery often more predictably relieves associated pain or numbness that goes down one or both arms or legs. These symptoms often are caused by compressed nerves in your spine.

What type of doctor treats spinal problems?

A spine specialist is a health professional who focuses mainly on treating spine conditions. Common specialists include chiropractors, physiatrists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, anesthesiologists, and many rheumatologists and neurologists.

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What kind of surgeon operates on the spine?

A neurosurgeon is trained to treat conditions of the brain and spine, while an orthopaedic spine surgeon specializes in treating the spine.

What do neurosurgeons do for bulging discs?

Surgery is done under general anesthesia. An incision is placed in the lower back over the area where the disc is herniated. Some bone from the back of the spine may be removed to gain access to the area where the disc is located.

Why would my doctor refer me to a neurosurgeon?

Neurosurgeons treat many painful conditions, such as low back pain, epilepsy, stroke, sciatica, pinched nerves and chronic pain. These conditions may manifest itself in one place but appear in another. For example, carpal tunnel symptoms may be related to spinal disc problems in the neck.

Why would I be referred to a neurosurgeon after MRI?

However, if your diagnosis exposes a physical cause for a neurological condition, a neurologist may make a referral to a neurosurgeon if surgery is needed to remove or correct the condition to improve your outcome. If you have a nerve, spinal, or brain issue, consult with your primary care doctor.

How much money does a spine surgeon make?

According to their research, spine surgeons make $688,500 a year on average. 3. While the AMGA does not separate spine surgeons from the field of neurosurgery, the group estimates the median neurosurgeon salary tops $593,000. The group also indicated spinal neurosurgeons make more than brain neurosurgeons annually.