Why was Christina banned from the solo surgery?

Why can’t Yang do the solo surgery?

Flying Solo The residents picked Yang (Sandra Oh) to do the first solo surgery, but she was out of the running after the intern chop shop, so the chief penalized her by forcing her to choose her replacement on a leg amputation in a bone cancer patient.

Why did Yang get banned from the OR?

The 200 meters freestyle champion was banned after he and members of his entourage were found to have smashed vials containing blood samples taken at an out-of-competition test in September 2018.

What happened to Callie Torres nose?

Callie tells Mark their patient fell through a window as he was sleepwalking. He must have no idea how he got in the hospital. Callie says that’s like her life: married, betrayed, gay, abandoned, and no idea how she got here. … As the doctors try to restrain him, he hits Callie on the nose and she falls down.

Does Denny ever go away?

After being dramatically saved, Denny abruptly died in the second season finale. Izzie’s illegal actions had rescued him but then he suffered a stroke and died before he got to see her in her prom dress (yes there was a prom at the hospital. … Initially, Denny was one of the best characters Grey’s Anatomy ever created.

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What type of surgery does Alex choose?

Can you name the Grey’s Anatomy Characters by Specialty?

Specialty % Correct
General surgery Miranda Bailey 97.3%
Plastic surgery Mark Sloan 96.9%
Orthopedic surgery Callie Torres 96.5%
Pediatric surgery Alex Karev 96.4%

Is Cristina coming back 2021?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Finale Confirms Cristina Will Never Return.

Does Cristina Yang become a surgeon again?

Cristina gets back to surgery by saving one of the wounded while riding the ambulance to the hospital. As most of the doctors work to save the shooting victims, Teddy learns she is operating on the shooter.