Why does it feel weird to bite down after wisdom teeth removal?


Is it normal to not be able to bite down after wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal does not cause the teeth to shift and therefore cannot cause misalignment. However, many patients do report changes in their bite after their wisdom teeth are removed. This is especially prevalent in patients whose wisdom teeth were severely impacted, causing pressure on their other teeth.

Can I bite down after wisdom teeth?

Fold one piece of gauze and place right over the surgical site avoiding placement over adjacent teeth so pressure is applied over the wound. Bite down continuously for no less than two hours before checking for bleeding. Take the prescribed pain medications as soon as you begin to feel discomfort.

Why does it feel weird to chew after tooth extraction?

During the recovery period, the temporomandibular joint and soft tissues in the mouth can swell. This can also make your mouth feel odd or misaligned. Once the swelling dissipates, your bite should return to normal again.

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How long does it take to feel normal after wisdom teeth removal?

Most people fully recover from wisdom teeth surgery in three to four days. If your teeth were impacted or came in at an awkward angle, it could take a full week to recover. The wound left behind after surgery won’t be completely healed for months, so you can still develop an infection weeks after surgery.

Why do my front bottom teeth hurt after wisdom tooth extraction?

Pain after wisdom teeth removal surgery is normal and will subside as the healing process continues. However, removing the lower wisdom teeth can lead to a condition where the muscles of the jaw contract, or tighten, called trismus. This can restrict the mouth from opening.

What does it feel like when your teeth are shifting?

If your teeth are more tender or more sensitive than usual, this could indicate shifting teeth. An uncomfortable or ill-fitting retainer. Your orthodontist will custom-make your retainer to fit your well-aligned teeth perfectly. So if your retainer no longer fits, this is a sure sign your teeth have shifted.

When can I stop worrying about dry socket?

This risk is present until you’re fully healed, which may take 7 to 10 days in many cases. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that should have formed in the socket after your extraction is either accidentally removed or never formed in the first place. Dry socket is no longer a risk once the site is healed.

Can bending over cause dry socket?

Avoid bending over and lifting anything greater than 3 pounds. Smoking, forceful spitting, and use of a straw can cause the bleeding to start again and they can also cause dry socket. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have any concerns about bleeding.

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Why does my tooth feel weird when I bite down?

If you feel a rough edge, a possible opening in your tooth enamel, or a strange sensation when you bite down, be sure to schedule an exam with a dentist to have it evaluated to prevent further advancement into the pulp or worse.

Why can’t I bite down all the way?

Loose or lost teeth that have led to damage of the jawbone or poor alignment of the upper and lower jaws. Poor alignment of the teeth or jaw when biting down. This can cause sensitivity of the teeth as well as affecting the muscles and the temporomandibular joint. Overuse of the muscles of chewing.