When can I run after arthroscopic knee surgery?

How long before you can run after meniscus surgery?

Most clients will begin a return to running program around the 8-12 week mark after their meniscus surgery. This provides a fair amount of time for swelling reduction, quadriceps and hip strength, and progression and training for normal walking mechanics.

How soon can you exercise after knee arthroscopy?

1. You can bear weight and walk on the leg as you are able. Try to avoid limping and walk with a heel – toe pattern. Avoid walking for long distances for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

How soon after arthroscopy can I exercise?

As always, you should discuss starting any exercise program with your orthopedic surgeon prior to initiating it. Most physicians will approve an early rehabilitation program, however, others may ask you to wait a week or so after your procedure.

How long does it take to fully recover from arthroscopic knee surgery?

You will probably need about 6 weeks to recover. If your doctor repaired damaged tissue, recovery will take longer. You may have to limit your activity until your knee strength and movement are back to normal. You may also be in a physical rehabilitation (rehab) program.

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Can you run again after knee arthroscopy?

Most patients recover from arthroscopy fairly quickly and are back to their usual activities within 3 to 6 weeks. Once your surgeon has given permission for you to start running, you can begin running some easy mileage.

Is running safe after meniscus surgery?

Running again after surgery

Most patients who undergo meniscectomy can return to running without problems and do not have a significantly increased risk for arthritis, unless they have their entire meniscus removed, which is rare.

Can I squat after knee arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic knee surgery recovery exercise #7: partial squats with support. Using the back of a chair or counter, you can complete a modified squat. Hold on to the chair or counter and make sure your feet are about six or twelve inches back. Slowly bend your knees while you also keep your back straight.

What is the fastest way to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery?


  1. applying ice packs to the dressing and surrounding area to reduce swelling and pain.
  2. keeping the leg elevated for several days after surgery.
  3. resting well and often.
  4. changing the dressing regularly.
  5. using crutches and following the doctor’s recommendations about applying weight to the knee.

When can I ride a bike after knee arthroscopy?

If you start feeling a sharp pain in your knee, then inform your physical therapist and decrease the resistance or stop biking. You can expect to be able to ride a stationary bicycle one to two weeks after your total knee replacement operation.

How long should your knee hurt after arthroscopic surgery?

The pain settles usually within two to three weeks, but may take upwards of six weeks. Swelling in the whole knee up to six weeks. Tenderness around the wound sites up to four weeks. Muscle wasting in the thigh, improves as swelling and pain decrease.

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Can I workout upper body after knee surgery?

Following surgery, the patient will be spending a lot of time in a seated position, but from here, he or she can conduct exercise routines for upper body muscles. The patient’s upper body muscles will benefit tremendously from weightlifting workouts.