When can I remove my bandage after carpal tunnel surgery?

How long after carpal tunnel surgery can I get my hand wet?

The Sixth Day:

It is also okay to shower over the stitches, but don’t soak your hand and wrist. Cover the incision with a band-aid after washing. You will feel more comfortable wearing an off the shelf wrist immobilizer for the first few weeks after surgery.

Can you overdo it after carpal tunnel surgery?

After the carpal tunnel incision has healed, hand activity is not harmful to the recovery process. Doing too much with the hands after surgery can be sore, but it does not cause long-lasting damage.

What can I do 3 weeks after carpal tunnel surgery?

allow the wound to heal. Now that you are 3 weeks post operatively, you should have most if not all of your range of motion back, but you will need to continue doing your tendon gliding exercises for at least the next 3 weeks, as your body continues to form scar.

What is the recovery time from carpal tunnel surgery?

The recovery from carpal tunnel surgery takes time – anywhere from several weeks to several months. If the nerve has been compressed for a long period of time, recovery may take even longer. Recovery involves splinting your wrist and getting physical therapy to strengthen and heal the wrist and hand.

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Should I move my fingers after wrist surgery?

Start to exercise your fingers, thumb, elbow and shoulder immediately after surgery. It is important to keep these joints moving to stop them from stiffening. Initially, it might feel uncomfortable to do these exercises but with regular practice they will become easier and your movement will improve.

How soon after carpal tunnel surgery can I shower?

You can shower after the surgery but you should cover your bandage with a plastic bag. Keep your dressing clean and dry. After 3 days you may remove it and change it if you wish. Otherwise you can keep it on until your suture removal appointment 10-14 days after your surgery.

How Long Does your hand hurt after carpal tunnel surgery?

You may have some soreness for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after surgery. Your bandage will stay on for 1-2 weeks. Your doctor may give you exercises to do during this time to move your fingers and keep them from getting too stiff.

How long should you wait to play golf after carpal tunnel surgery?

After the surgery you can use your hand almost immediately, but try to keep it dry and avoid heavy lifting for the first 2 weeks. You can drive when the bulky dressing comes down and you can safe- ly control the car. You can return to sports such as tennis and golf after about 3 weeks.

How long are fingers numb after carpal tunnel surgery?

After surgery, the hand is wrapped. The stitches are removed 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. The pain and numbness may go away right after surgery or may take several months to subside. Try to avoid heavy use of your hand for up to 3 months.

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